With many families uncertain about their ability to get together for family events and birthdays, now could be the perfect time to send off your gifts by post. Whilst this may be viewed as an old-fashioned way of operating, often a letter in a paper mailing bag can add a personal touch that will increase the overall effect of the gift.

In today’s blog, we have a look at some of the best gifts to send off in a paper mailing bag and how to create a delivery that will make the birthday person’s day.

  1. A birthday card (with some money in it)

Sometimes the classics cannot be beaten. If you are unsure what to get a large birthday card (with a sensible amount of money) is a great way to show your appreciation whilst also not having to spend time worrying about what present they will and will not like. Paper mailing bags are a great way to send off these presents as they also give you room to include some of the other gift items on our list.

  1. Football tickets to the receivers favourite team

Whilst fans are yet to be allowed back into the stadium, tickets to the receivers favourite football team could be a great present to get alongside a book or notebook. If we are allowed back anytime soon, it will likely be a present that is well-appreciated!

  1. Well-selected books for the receiver

Books are often a good present to get as they are relatively inexpensive and for the right receiver can provide a lot of value. They are also great to send in paper mailing bags as they match the shape well and will not be distorted by the dimensions too much.

Try to pick a book based on a topic that the receiver will like. If they are into history, a good nonfiction book may work well. Equally, if they are into classical literature, you can’t go wrong with some of the famous examples of fiction.

  1. A bespoke notebook

Many are looking to write down their mental inner workings as the benefits of journaling are often publicised. A notebook could be a great gift to send in a paper mailing bag as not only are they small enough to fit in, they are also not a fragile item so you don’t have to worry about the contents too much! Try to pick a notebook with a design that the receiver will like or one that represents a particular hobby or area of interest.

Make sure you by good quality paper mailing bags

Paper mailing bags are a great way to send off your presents, provided they are small enough to fit in. To make sure your gift gets to the receiver as safe as possible try to buy the best possible paper mailing bags. Good examples will have well-sealed edges and a good overall design that can be easily sealed. If you have this all you will need to add is a well-written note to create a truly special gift experience.

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Written by Kitty

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