For many businesses, doing a corporate event is a way to reach out and connect with their employees.

Events are not only a great way to kill time during lunch breaks or build morale, but they can also be a great marketing opportunity.

Planning for Success

There is one major problem with having an event: if poorly planned, it might alienate your audience and end up costing you money instead of making it.

To help you to avoid this fate, here is some helpful advice on what elements should be included in a well-planned event marketing campaign.

Start Planning Your Event Well in Advance

Planning well in advance is crucial. You need to get all your marketing, stock, gifts, staff, and event requirements in order.

If you have several months to plan your event, you can use this time well by coming up with innovative marketing strategies that will get your contacts’ attention. This might mean serving drinks in special Christmas Cups, or organising special personalised gifts for delegates.

With planning, you have the space to think and come up with something spectacular.

Your Events Should Be Fun for Everyone Involved

Fun is a key element in successful event marketing campaigns. It can give you the edge of uniqueness and make you stand out from your competition. Say that you want to promote your new clothing line. While there are several ways of doing this, you need to choose one method that can set you apart from others. For instance, you can consider opting for Event Marketing Food Truck. You could offer free pastries with the name of your brand written on the food items to all passersby. This can surely grab the attention of people easily– after all, the way to the heart is through the stomach!

Anyway, keep in mind that your event marketing should be such that everyone has a good time, while also getting value from their contact with your company.

Pick Your Corporate Event Theme Wisely

Your event theme should represent what your company is all about and what its main message is going to be at the event.

For instance, you could choose to host a theme around Christmas marketing. Having a fun theme, like Star Wars at Christmas, for example, could put your business on the map. You could even use the theme of Christmas gifts for small business owners for your event.

Having a fun theme will also help you differentiate your brand from all the other generic events that are being held out there. This will keep you in your customers’ minds.

Make Your Event More Memorable with Unique Stickers and T-Shirts

A great way to make your event memorable is with some personalised items.

These items, usually stickers and t-shirts, can include the name of the event or event theme, be it congratulating someone on a birthday or praising their hard work.

It’s recommended to include this in your marketing campaign at the early stage, so that you can rest assured that all of your employees will have been informed about it as soon as possible.

The Event Should Give Some Value to Your Employees Too

You might want to choose an event theme that is not just exclusive to your own business.

Instead, you could pick one that is supported by your employees and can significantly benefit them too.

For example, if you run an event themed around Christmas, but it has a special deal for your staff who are celebrating their birthdays at the same time as well, then this will have a great impact on them in both the short-term and long term.

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