Palm-fringed beaches, crescent bays, beach bars, night clubs, spas and luxury stays, every girl’s holiday dream, right? Phuket, the largest island in all of Thailand, makes the perfect holiday destination for a girls’ themed holiday, so ring your besties and let’s make this trip happen. Here are 5 ways get the most out of your girl’s trip to Phuket Island:

1) Stay in a private pool luxury villa

A private luxury villa with a tropical garden, a glistening swimming pool, a living room with all modern comforts and comfy sleeping quarters to retreat to at night, this is just what you need to ensure a great island stay! No disturbance by other guests, just you and the girls sipping cocktails, swimming and lounging in your private Phuket villa, a great base from where to explore the island and dive into the nightlife of happening beach towns such as Patong. Phuket has got a great range of private pool villas to choose from with great value for money and great exclusivity. Enjoy picking out your favourite!

2) Laze by the beach

Once you are settled in, nice and comfy in your private villa, it is time to hit the beach! The stunning white sand beaches, bordering the azure blue sea and fringed by high swaying palm trees, seem to come straight from the cover of travel magazines. You won’t need much else than a beach sarong, your bathers, sunglasses and sunblock to enjoy a wonderful lazy beach day. Get a young coconut or a pina colada cocktail, soak up the sun to work on that gorgeous holiday tan and go swim in the crystal clear water of the ocean. Your beach day can’t go wrong! Up for some action? Not to worry! Phuket is home to desolate beaches but there are also plenty of beaches with watersport facilities, reclining chairs and lots of beach bars for entertainment.

3) Go party

What girls trip would be complete without an in-villa dress-up gathering followed by a fun party night lasting until sunrise or beyond. Phuket is home to some of the best nightclubs and discotheques in Thailand. In fact, Bangla Road in Patong, is one buzzing, colourful nightclub strip where the party never ends. Not quite old enough? Then maybe look into getting a fake id Florida or other places so that you can join your friends in all their activities on your girl’s trip. There are Go-Go bars, cabaret and ladyboy shows, party hubs, and buckets of alcohol – this is the place to be for a crazy night out. Stick together and enjoy the madness – it will be an unforgettable evening. Remember to take some photos!

4) Spend the day or a few at the Spa

On a post-party late-morning tropical island day in Phuket, after a dive into the swimming pool and a big breakfast, it is time for some girls’ pampering. Thailand is a haven for massages and beauty treatments so you girls are in for a wonderful lazy spa day. Let the skilful Thai ladies work out the tension in every muscle of your body, make your hair shine with a cream bath and make sure to get a manicure and pedicure. You will be glowing and good as new once you are done at the spa, that’s for sure!

5) Rent a scooter and explore the island

Of course, you girls have to see more of what this big tropical island has to offer. The best way to get around on the island is by motorbike – you can hire one almost everywhere. Make sure you get up early and off you go, driving towards the island’s temples, waterfalls and exploring hidden beaches where there are no other people around. Make sure to wear a helmet, drive slowly, put on some sunblock and you will be just fine. You are bound to love it!

Written by Stephanie Peeters of Villa-Finder.

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