Buying gifts isn’t always easy. You might worry that the person you’re buying for already has the item you’re considering or that they don’t like what you’ve bought all together. To get it right, you must know the person quite well, particularly their interests.

When it comes to buying a gift for someone who likes adventure, you have plenty of options, especially if you feel like going all out and getting them something amazing. Whether your loved one’s birthday is coming up or you want to spoil them this holiday season, here are six great gifts to consider getting the adventurer in your life.

1: A Camping Kit

Every adventurer loves camping. After all, it combines the great outdoors with the need for some survival skills, especially if they decide to camp somewhere a little more remote. So, you can give them a gift that will keep on giving by buying them a camping kit. That usually includes a tent, a sleeping bag, and other bits and pieces like a torch and a rolling mat. You can additionally give a propane gas camping stove, which can be portable and easy to carry on camping trips (one could buy propane fuel from sites such as or a similar service website).

2: A Bicycle or Scooter

The great outdoors always beckons those with a taste for adventure. To let your loved one get there in style (and with the wind in their hair), consider buying them either a bicycle or a scooter. Not only is this a gift that lets them ride, but it’s also a gift that opens the door to exploring endless new places. If you’re considering getting them a scooter rather than a bicycle, it’s better to discuss it with them first and look at new Vespa scooters for a quality model.

3: A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Who says gifts have to be material objects? For adventurers, the gift of experience is just as good, if not even better! A hot air balloon ride is the perfect gift idea for them, as they will get to experience being high up in the air while appreciating some incredible views. Plus, as a bonus, you could purchase two tickets and go along with them for the ride.

4: A Drone

If your adventurer friend is often exploring new places, then buying them a drone is a great way for them to capture the beauty around them. Once they come back from their trips, they’ll be able to experience it all again from a bird’s eye view and share those images with the world.

5: A Quality Camera

Another excellent gift is a quality camera. Like a drone, it allows them to capture experiences, but in a more traditional way. They could take photos of mountain peaks, ocean views, rarely spotted wildlife – whatever they want to! More often than not, adventure-types see images worth sharing, so give them the opportunity to with a quality camera.

6: A Push Pin Map

This gift is on the more affordable end, but it is no less awesome. A push pin map is a way for people to document where in the world they have been – perfect for those who love exploring. Your adventuring friend will be able to see the places they’ve visited and then plan out their next adventure, all thanks to your gift!

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