When someone in your life has a new child, you want to congratulate them by buying them a gift that shows that you really care.

The problem is that everyone else in their life wants to do the same thing. Soon enough the new parents will not only be trying to look after their new child, but they will also be wading through stacks of cuddly toys and adorable clothes that they do not have a hope of using!

If you want to get a great gift for a new parent, try thinking about the things that they really need.


Looking after infants and children involves a lot of cleaning up, which leads to a lot of hand washing. All the extra scrubbing can easily start to take a toll on the hands, leaving them cracked and sore.

Try finding a brand that is gentle and not too heavily perfumed, it will likely be getting used often so you do not want to trigger an allergic reaction.

Nursing pillow

A nursing pillow is one of those things that nobody remembers to buy but finds absolutely invaluable once they own it. This makes it the perfect gift!

Nursing pillows save the arms of new moms from having to take the entire weight of their child while they are feeding them, often for long periods of time, making the feeding experience much less painful.

When choosing a nursing pillow it is important to get one that is roughly the same height as the mom’s torso, as this will keep the baby in the correct position. You can buy nursing pillows that are a c shape so that they hug the body or an o shape so that they go all the way around the body. You could opt for a crescent-shaped pillow that does not form to the body but allows the formation of a kind of nest to keep the baby safe.

Travel mug

New parents almost always get interrupted when enjoying a warm drink and end up having to gulp it down later on when it has gone cold.

A simple travel mug means that mom or dad can always enjoy a hot drink.


When you have been woken up several times in the night, or you have been sat breastfeeding for a long time, a sugar hit can be a lifesaver! Sweets always go down well as a gift for new parents.

Weaning bib

This one is a genius idea! When you start weaning your child, there is a lot of mess involved. Food will invariably end up smushed into the highchair, as well as all over the baby.

Bibado weaning bibs are designed to strap to the highchair and cover the gap between the baby and the chair. This means that all (most!) food spillage is caught and clean up becomes an absolute doddle.


When you are looking after a new baby it can be tough to find the time to cook properly, which in turn can leave new parents feeling depleted.

Making a batch of freezer-friendly meals for your friends will mean that they can quickly heat up a delicious dinner, packed full of the nutrients that they need to look after their bundle of joy.


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