Are you looking for a lovely gift that will show your best friend just how much you care? Whether they are celebrating a birthday, it is your friendship anniversary, you want to cheer them up after a divorce, or you simply want to surprise them with a special gift, here are a few ideas to inspire you before you buy.

Friendship bracelets

You cannot go wrong with a classic! Friendship bracelets make for excellent gifts for friends, regardless of how old you are. Choose from a broad array of unique designs based on your jewellery preferences. If you and your friend love the boho look and feel, how about minimalistic string or chevron friendship bracelets? If you prefer a more elegant and sophisticated bracelet, stainless steel is always a good idea. Plus, you can also have these engraved with a special message if you like.

A ‘Friend for Life’ rose

The floribunda rose is also commonly known as a ‘Friend for Life’ rose, making it the perfect gift to give to a friend who is very close to your heart. You can grow this stunning rose in a pot or in the garden. What is great is the fact that this rose species continually re-blooms just as long as you keep it regularly dead-headed. You can order this beautiful gift from rose specialists such as Country Garden Roses, along with many other stunning flowers for every preference and every personality.

A coffee mug

Coffee mugs are wonderful gifts because you can be sure that your friend will get plenty of use out of them. They are also affordable and very easy and to personalise. A few good ideas to consider include having your favourite photograph of the two of your printed on the mug, selecting a relevant friendship quote or having one of your inside jokes take centre stage. Feel free to get as creative as you wish! 

Personalised matching t-shirts

This is another great gift that you can have custom-made. Obviously, what is truly fantastic about personalised matching t-shirts is that you get one too! You can apply the same ideas regarding the coffee mug to this specific gift, or perhaps use the opportunity to celebrate a TV show or movie that you are both obsessed with.

Messages in a bottle

This is a gorgeous keepsake that your friend is sure to treasure forever. It is basically a jar of mini colourful ‘pills’, each of which contain a small piece of paper. You can remove the paper and write a short, special message on each one. Instruct your friend to open one of the pills and read a message whenever they are feeling down, missing you or are in need of a quick ‘pick-me-up’. Choose from a wide range of colours and ‘pill’ quantities based on your budget and preferences.

Spa vouchers

There are few gifts better than a friendship spa day. No partners, no distractions – just the two of you spending time together being pampered and letting your worries melt away. If you can’t afford to splurge on an entire day at the spa, consider purchasing standalone treatments instead. A relaxing aromatherapy massage or a mani-pedi for two are other ideas that are sure to be appreciated just as much.

Ready, steady, shop!

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Written by Kitty

There's nothing better than a weekend spent at a spa and total relaxation and happy thoughts is a way of life to me. It's lucky I love cats really with a name like mine! Happily married with my three fur babies to keep us company.