Most of us know that one person who is always booking their next travel trip. Whether they like to fill up their car and head off on road trips or pack a rucksack and explore the other side of the world, they are addicted to the experience of wanderlust.

When it comes to getting gifts for these globetrotters, it can be quite hard to wow them. When life revolves around constantly exploring, what could possibly make a special gift?

The key to buying gifts for travellers is to think about what they love to do. One aspect which springs to mind is the joy of sharing. Travellers are constantly capturing photographic memories and video clips, as well as jotting down highlights and ‘must-see’ experiences. Then there is the practical side, giving those who love their adventures meaningful presents which they can take with them.

If you need to buy a meaningful present for your fellow world explorers, we’ve curated this list below with many traveler gift inspirations.

Subscription boxes

Nowadays you can find subscription box gifts which span a range of areas. Health, beauty, supplements, wine and food are all top gift ideas which come nicely boxed and delivered every month.

The beauty of subscription boxes is that most of their contents are travel sized and mini, especially those which cater for skin, hair and makeup. The same can be said for health, providing the receiver with vitamins, boosters and healthy snacks in sample size. These are great to take away on any upcoming trips!

Travel Journals

Keen travellers love to keep a record of their trips, from the places they are have visited, to wish lists surrounding future travel. Travel journals not only create opportunities for recording travel memories, but for jotting down important bookings, upcoming trips, flight advice and important details they may need to record and keep with them. A travel journal can be especially useful if your itinerary is jam-packed. For example, if you’re visiting all the Minnesota state parks (there’s a lot of them), you’re going to want to write down the best thing you saw at each one. Sometimes you might have a whirl-wind of a day, and just your memory and photos aren’t enough to remember it all!

New Luggage

A true traveller won’t be a stranger to damaged luggage from time to time, so you can rest assured that new luggage will always be appreciated. Perhaps it could be a new hardcase carry-on case for hand luggage or a waterproof backpack. The key here is to consider what type of traveller they are. Do they like to head off for long weekend breaks to see both culture and adventure? Or are they always checking out travel guide sites like for top recommendations on some of the worlds most magical cities?

Then, choose your luggage selection wisely, representing their most common type of travelling.

Personalized Leather Accessories

Leading nicely on from luggage, you can now get some beautiful personalised leather travel accessories. By this, we mean leather luggage tag with printed initials or full names, or passport covers in their favourite colours.

You can also get hold of some high-quality leather travel wallets, which are designed to keep all your travel money, documents, cards and important details in one safe place. Why not look at one of these personalised with the traveller’s name and home country?

Phone Camera Lenses

If you can’t capture the stunning moments of your travels, some say you may as well not have been there at all! Although not completely true, having a decent photography kit always comes in handy. Of course, for the traveller who may hostel hop or travel long distances, professional camera equipment isn’t advised. You can, however, get many fantastic lenses which clip onto smartphones, adding that touch of professionalism to phone photography.

Airbnb Gift Card

The most perfect gift for anyone who loves exploring the world has got to be a loaded Airbnb gift card. These can be purchased at various retailers online, where the digital card can be emailed to the recipient. With so many travel enthusiasts heading to Airbnb for a variety of accommodation needs, a gift card loaded with some credit will be made good use of!

Hopefully, you’ll find that the list above gives you flexibility to be as practical, affordable or splurge-worthy as you like with the various gift ideas. The key is to consider the types of travel your globetrotting friend usually ventures out on, and tailor the gift accordingly. Remember, you could always throw in some currency for their favourite travel destination as an add on idea too, to tempt them to visit again!

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