Buying your first home is exciting, and when people get on the property ladder, it’s nice to buy them something to help with the nesting process. If you know someone who has just bought their first home, here are some ideas for housewarming gifts.

  • A plant subscription

If the new homeowners aren’t green-fingered and perhaps have a garden for the first time, then they may not know where to start when it comes to the outdoor spaces. Buying a plant subscription for them means they’ll get a variety of plants throughout the year, whether indoor or outdoor, so they can add greenery to their home and get instructions for planting and care.

  • Artwork

Hanging artworks in your home adds a personal touch, so why not start off their collection with a special piece? Local art colleges often sell their students’ work, so you can choose something unique, and they may even end up with something valuable in the future. If you’ve got any level of artistic skill, you could even make something yourself.

  • Practical items for the garden

New homeowners will often spend their budget on new furniture for inside their home but may not have thought to buy things they can use outdoors. Consider buying stylish garden furniture so they can enjoy their new garden, whether you choose a dining table and chairs for al fresco meals, or some loungers so they can relax outdoors.

  • Kitchen gadgets

Try to find out what the new homeowners already have in their kitchen stash before buying them any gadgets. Some kitchen gifts that are great for new homeowners include:

  • A pressure/slow cooker
  • A bread maker
  • A rice cooker
  • A blender

If they are away from home for the first time, then gifts like cookbooks can also be a great option, so they can avoid living on takeaways.

  • Scented diffusers or candles

When someone moves into a new house, it doesn’t always feel like home right away, but some little things like scented diffusers or nice candles can help them to settle in. Choose scented candles from popular brands and stick with fairly mainstream scents from patchouli to sandalwood, otherwise buying scented products gets a bit risky. This is unless, they are handmade with love and with gentle ingredients. You can get some beautifully packaged wax melts on the market today which can be visually aesthetic in the home and can be a lovely gift for a new homeowner too.

  • Cosy blankets

Another essential item for making a home feel cosy is a nice blanket to drape over the couch. If you don’t know their colour scheme, opt for something neutral to be safe. You could always choose a fur or knitted blanket if you want something that’s not too plain. If their new home is draughty, opt for a slanket – a blanket with sleeves – which makes a fun housewarming gift.

  • A doormat

Make sure they feel welcome when they come home every day with a fun doormat. It’s something that new homeowners often forget to buy, and they help keep mud off of their lovely new floors. Lots of websites now offer personalised doormats, so you can buy them something that’s made especially for them.

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Written by Kitty

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