Christmas is coming soon. Do you know what to buy the traveler in your life? What would be the ideal Christmas present? Well, here are some great ideas to get you started!

Fashionable Footwear

Whether hiking the foothills of Appalachia, walking the museums of Europe, or traveling along the seashore, fashionable and comfortable footwear is a must-have of any serious traveler. Save money by purchasing long-lasting discount Birkenstocks. These sandals come in a variety of styles and last for years. They are ideal on a nature path or out on the town, and are the perfect way to dress up or dress down any outfit.

Travel Pillows

For the traveler that is a frequent flier, nothing is more comfortable than a pillow that cushions your neck. While traditional pillows still have the familiar U-shape, some brands are coming out with more stylish options like travel pillows that look like a beautiful scarf. No matter what type you purchase, make sure it is easy to pack.

Thinking Beyond the Average Wallet

For the savviest traveler, the most cutting edge wallets that charge your phones are ideal. Thin and easy to pack, these minimalist chargers will save you hassle on the road. There are also many mobile chargers available that can slip into a pocket or purse easily. Just check if the item is accepted at airports.


Yes, drones. Drones comes equipped with cameras and video recorders that will allow for the most stunning and breathtaking images. They come in a variety of sizes. Find a drone that is from a reputable brand. You can research them online to find which drones are easy to navigate and provide the best pictures. This is one of the pricier Christmas gifts, but it is guaranteed to wow any traveler. Drones can come ready to record 4K video. They are ideal for selfies and for on-the-road traveling videos.

Wearable Translators

We are not talking about Star Trek. Google’s Bluetooth Pixel Bud headphones translates foreign languages instantly. The user asks Google, “Google, help me speak Spanish”, or one of forty other languages. The app will translate your English into Spanish through the phone. Other people can speak into the phone and Google will translate their words into your native language. There is also character recognition capabilities for interpreting signs and menus when on the go.

Smart Luggage

From solar paneled backpacks to smart luggage that protects valuables, there are numerous luggage options available this Christmas. The Shacke Pak works like Russian dolls, each travel bag fitting into a bigger one snugly for quick packing. Smart suitcases provide additional security and spacious storage.

A Towel

Don’t just buy any towel for your traveler this Christmas. Buy them a luxury Turkish bath towel. These beautiful light pieces are versatile. Use them as a cover-up at the beach, as a blanket, or even a scarf. Select a style that is both fashionable and compact for easy packing.

Let the traveler in your life know that you love them this Christmas with these great gifts.

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Written by Kitty

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