If you’re attempting to find the perfect gift for the game-lover in your life, but don’t have a clue where to start when it comes to gaming, then it’s likely you’ll be feeling unsure when it comes to game-related gifts. If you don’t have existing knowledge of their favourite games – or games in general – then you can feel completely out of your comfort zone when gift-hunting.

Never fear: if you’re looking for game gift inspiration, there here are eight great ideas for you which any gamer will love.

  • A Gaming Chair

A suitable gaming chair is essential for any gamer. The right chair should offer ergonomic comfort and support for long gaming sessions, as well as being cool and stylish to match any game room design scheme. There are many great selections for gaming chairs, such as style, material, arms or no arms and even footrests to complement.

Perhaps their current gaming chair is outdated and worn, so you can look for a similar design to upgrade it, or maybe you’d like to speak to them about their needs. You can also ask for professional guidance from gaming chair stores who can recommend the best (and most popular) style of gaming chair.

  • Personalised Controllers

No matter the console or platform, there’s always a way to personalise your controller! Main console providers will always provide online opportunities for you to order personalised controllers, such as choosing the colour and buttons of your preference.

Or, if your game-lover is using a PC, you could look into upgraded desktop accessories, like a personalised gaming keyboard, or wrist supports.

Think about their personal style and their favourite colour so that you can match this to your controller of choice and see which options are out there.

  • Retro Gifts

There are many great selections for retro game-related gifts. Anything can be given a retro game twist, whether it’s a mug, a coaster, a pillow or anything for the home. Retro gifts will be hugely popular for lovers of classic arcade games who like to enjoy a sense of nostalgia, too.

You can even add a retro twist for modern features, like a retro smartphone case, or maybe a laptop decal. The possibilities are endless, especially if you can get your hands on the retro games that they loved growing up. Fortunately, gamers now have access to a large back catalog of retro games through sites similar to Gamulator (gamulator.com/roms/game-boy), so you can give them the gift of nostalgia.

  • Lighting Upgrades

Every good gaming set up needs adequate lighting, and a gaming set up is the ideal chance to play with bright colours and customisable options, like LED colour-change bulbs. If their lighting set up is lacking, or they’ve vocalised a want for cooler lighting, then you can look into options like coloured LED strip-lighting they can easily fit themselves and position wherever they need.

  • A New Headset

Headsets with improved sound quality for gaming are essential pieces of kit and are also needed if your game-lover enjoys multiplayer games where they require a headset and microphone to speak to other players. Headsets range in price and function, so be sure to double-check with your game-lover what they mostly use a headset for. If you’re unsure, you can always sneak a peek at their current headset to compare.

  • Game Room Accessories

Indulge in quirky accessories fit for any gaming room! This could be:

  • Gaming pillows
  • Gaming wall art, for their favourite games or consoles
  • Neon wall art, to add bold lighting to their walls
  • Collectables for their favourite gaming studios or games
  • Desk accessories
  • Quirky room accessories suited to their gaming colour scheme
  • Comfortable Clothing

Gaming sessions always require comfortable loungewear, and there’s a great range of gaming clothes you’ll be able to find. You can invest in comfy hoodies or jumpers emblazoned with their favourite game or gaming quotes, or you can keep it simple and buy plain loungewear which you know they’ll be able to wear, suited for any long gaming session!

  • Gift Vouchers to Their Favourite Gaming Store

If you’d rather play it safe and don’t want to risk buying the wrong item, or even the wrong game, then gaming vouchers for the top gaming stores will always be well-received. That way, your game-lover can buy their own new release or the accessories they most want.

In Summary

You don’t have to be a gaming specialist to find the perfect gaming gift. All gaming stores will have items suited for any gamer, and online stores will let you narrow down your search by using filters related to your gamer’s favourite tastes and needs.

If in doubt, you always have the option of asking them what they would best like to complement their gaming set up.

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