While the father of the bride often gets a lot of attention on the wedding day due to walking down the aisle and making a wedding toast, the mother of the bride is such an important role both on the day and in the lead up to the wedding. Mothers are there to help pick the dress, come to the Florists to choose the flowers, help keep the bridesmaids organized and add any finishing touches to the day.

That’s why many choose to set aside some of the wedding budgets to buy a gift for the mother of the bride. And if your mum has been your rock throughout planning your wedding, you want to get her something special to thank her for her role in your big day. That’s why we’ve put together a guide of nine perfect gift ideas to say thank you.

  1. Her own champagne flute

It’s your wedding day and the champagne will be flowing, so why not treat your mum to her own personalized champagne flute. Whether you choose to have her name printed on the front or ‘mother of the bride’, she’ll look the part as she toasts to your big day.

  1. Say thanks with personalised jewellery

There are so many options when it comes to choosing beautiful, personalized jewelry. Whether you opt for a necklace or a bracelet, you can have it personalized with her name and handwriting, ‘mother of the bride’ or even the date of the wedding. This is a great gift as it’s something very personal that she can wear time and time again.

You could also opt for something that reflects an important thing to them. For example, if they love the sea, then pearl jewelry could be a great choice. Knowing that a little bit of extra thought went into sourcing the gift is why personalized presents are treasured long after being received. You might even take a little inspiration from the past and have a look for a Locket Necklace that has a picture of the two of you in it.

  1. A tote bag filled with love

Tote bags are not only very practical, but they’re super cute as well. So why not have a stylish bag made for your mum to say thank you for her help and support in the lead up to your big day. You can have the front printed with her name and if you wanted to make it even more special, you could fill it with her favorite goodies too.

  1. Be prepared with personalised tissue pouches

If you’re already pretty sure that your mum is going to be crying as you say ‘I do’ then why not buy her a hand-stitched, personalized tissue pouch. This not only makes a very sweet gift, but it also ensures she’s prepared for when the tears start flowing. You could even include a tube of her favorite waterproof mascara to complete the gift!

  1. Give the gift of a cuppa

If you know your mum can’t resist catching up over a cuppa, a mother of the bride mug could be the perfect thank you gift! She can set herself up for the big day with a coffee (or two) before you start popping the champagne. Alternatively, have it personalized with her name or a photograph of the two of you.

  1. Mother of the bride wedding robe

Perfect for photographs as you get ready for the big day, personalized robes are a staple of bridal parties for a reason. You can have matching bride, mother of the bride, and bridesmaid robes made up, so you don’t miss out on a photo opportunity.

  1. Make the morning special with a makeup bag

Is your mum planning on doing her own make-up on the day? Why not treat her to her own personalized makeup bag to make the morning even more special. You could even add a few new items, perhaps her favorite foundation or moisturizer as an extra gift.

  1. A handcrafted keepsake book

For a gift that’s truly special, you could have a keepsake book made up for your mum, though it might be best to wait until after the wedding day. You could include the order of services, pictures of the two of you, a message from you and your new husband, and other little keepsakes from the day. You could have the front personalized, or if you’re feeling really creative, you could even make the book yourself from scratch.

  1. A meaningful framed poem

There are so many beautiful poems out there about the bond between a mother and a daughter. So why not say thank you with a beautifully framed poem that she can hang on her wall and enjoy every day.

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Written by Kitty

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