Located in South East England, Surrey is a city which has a beautiful landscape and is one of the Home Counties. If you are relocating to Surrey and looking for a school for your child, you have many options to choose from. The Glenesk School in Surrey is a well-known private school that offers excellent academic and extracurricular opportunities. The school is open for pre-prep, nursery and prep and prepares the child for tomorrow. It has a child-friendly environment and offers immense opportunities to learn and grow. Considered as one of the best schools in Surrey, the school has a number of experienced and qualified teachers who help nurture the students. The school prepares the students for long-term success and inculcates the right values and ethics in them at a young age.

The Independent school specializes in the education of 2-7 year olds and offers an all-round education. The experienced staff and the small class size ensure that every child receives personal attention and is able to work on their weaknesses. Further, the school provides a foundation to the child in terms of reading and writing skills. The subjects are taught in a practical manner in order to develop the interest of the child. The child is not restricted to academics, and the school offers a number of opportunities to grow and develop their interest in the field of arts, music and sports.

Glenesk School in Surrey is acclaimed for the personalized attention that every child receives from the qualified teachers. With a culture that teaches manners and discipline, the school prepares the child for tomorrow. It imbibes the values of integrity and empathy in the child at a young age. The type of school you school you choose for your child in pre-prep and prep has a significant impact on the long-term growth and learning skills. Most importantly, these are the foundation years for your child and they learn from example. Hence, it is important to ensure that the child is in the right environment and within the company of qualified and passionate teachers.

In order to seek an admission to the school, parents can take a visit of the school premises and gain an insight into the type of environment that exists in the classroom. It will be an opportunity to see the school in action. Further, you can request a prospectus and learn about the intake and the application process. The admission fees will also be provided in detail in the prospectus. Additionally, you can inquire about the minimum classes, additional activity and if you wish, you can add the lunch, afternoon and fulltime option in the same. Speaking to parents whose children study in the school will be an ideal way of making a decision. Connect with the parents and inquire about the progress of their child, the environment in the school and learn more about the teaching methods and curriculum followed in the school. Build a strong foundation for the education of your child.

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