What do you gift a person who spends most of their time glued to a screen, only shifting from their spot for food or drink? Well unless you know what games they have or haven’t got then the most obvious gift would be ‘a new game’ but with as much selection as there is out there, that may not be the easiest thing.

Gaming Mouse/ Controller

It helps if you have better tools to play games, and trying to figure out if your gamer is a PC or Console gamer is easy. Do they use a mouse or a control pad?

Customisable control pads aren’t the most purse-friendly gifts, but they are a more personalised gift. If you visit Custom Controllers UK, you’ll be able to find at least one controller that will suit the personality of your gamer, with an abundance of different colour coordinations and themes to choose from. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an extra special gift, then you may wish to look at a company such as SCUF Gaming, that can provide fully customised gaming controllers for your recipient.

custom controller gifts for gamers

If your gamer uses a mouse, then these again can be customised, and can come a little cheaper than the controller pads, however, depending on how much you do want to spend there are different options available to you.

The cheaper brands, such as PicTek or VicTising offer a cool looking gaming mouse for around 9.99, however if you want to spend quite a bit more, the acclaimed Razer brand has the best gaming mice for around 60, the more buttons on the mouse, the more expensive they can get, but they are good quality. Combining it with something like custom gaming mouse pads might make it the perfect gift!

Loot Crate

Loot Crate is a subscription box service that sends a monthly box full of fun items, collectables and clothing. With each box having a surprise theme from month to month, each box is like Christmas for your gamer with them being able to enjoy items relating to anything from films to gaming.

What Loot Crate also offer, is Loot Gaming, a more specialised subscription box that includes everything to do with the world of gaming. With figurines, posters and exclusive accessories that are unique and purely to do with the most popular games, this may be the best mystery gift you can give your gamer.

loot crate gifts for gamers

These mystery boxes can come in 1, 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions, varying in price from 22- 28 depending on the frequency of subscription and the type of crate that you choose. Lootcrate.com has all the options available along with a quick look at past boxes.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are seen as the option people choose when they have no imagination, but they are a glorious thing when it comes down to it as you can choose the amount and the specifics of the card to at least show you thought about the gamer. Besides, Gift Cards don’t just mean cards, but any of the purchasable items from a game. For example, if you know the person you’re getting the gift for plays a lot of Diablo 2, then you can get them items and collectibles for the game from portals such as yesgamers (https://www.yesgamers.com) or rpgstash or others.

When all else fails or you’re struggling for time GAME offers every kind of gift card a gamer would appreciate (yes, there is more than one) including STEAM, Xbox Live and Playstation Network. In fact, these work in the corporate sector also, where, as a form of appreciation, employers or clients tend to gift the best performers with gift cards, which they may have purchased in bulk from gift card resellers. It is also the safest option for them because numerous employees tend to play games to relax and relieve stress.

It is indeed simple and allows the gamer to use the card to purchase games or expansions that will enhance their gaming experience.

steam gift card gifts for gamers

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