In the modern world, more and more of us are trying to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. So, it makes sense that you do the same when you are travelling as well. There are plenty of ways that you can achieve the goal of being a more responsible traveller – and many of them do not have to be overly complicated. Here are a few top tips to steer you on the right path.

Start by Packing Responsibly

First of all, think about what you are putting in your suitcase. Packing lightly is a good start. You can also find eco-friendly alternatives to any cosmetic products you might take, such as a vegan suncream for babies from Toddle. This also presents you with the perfect opportunity to think about where you are getting your clothing from and whether every company and product that you shop with is sustainable. A good place to start might be to choose sustainable socks and clothing. You could also use reusable bottles to take your own cosmetics without having to buy more.

Think About How You are Travelling

Obviously, if you travel less it is going to leave less of a carbon footprint on the planet. If you can use public transport such as a bus or a train, this is a great option. If you do have to fly to get to your destination, you can help out by booking a direct flight rather than one that involves any transfers along the way. You can also look at the airline that you are booking with to see if they have any particular commitments regarding sustainability. Alternatively, you can contribute to projects that help to mitigate your carbon footprint.

Shop Local

Multinational corporations are everywhere these days, but rather than putting your money in the hands of rich shareholders, you can instead support local people by shopping locally. Seek out the local markets and restaurants rather than the places that are already overpopulated with tourists. This way, you are much more likely to have a proper authentic experience that you can remember for years to come rather than something run-of-the-mill that can be enjoyed by everybody.

Seek Out Volunteer Opportunities

Lots of people want to go that one stage further to really make a difference when they are abroad. To do this, you could seek out local volunteer opportunities. Of course, you should always make sure that you go with reputable organisations and help out where you are actually needed. In many third-world countries in particular, some volunteers do more harm than good, so make sure that you are not one of them.

Think Twice Before Bargaining

While bargaining may seem like a fun activity, you have to think about how and when you are doing it. Sure, if you are clearly being charged too much and it looks like the seller can afford it, there are fewer ethical concerns. However, if you are trying to save a dollar at a local market in a poorer country, the money is better off in the hands of the locals themselves, where it can make a difference.

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Written by Kitty

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