When you buy a new car, what are the things that immediately attract you to it? The price (when you visit sites like https://invoice-pricing.com/, you get to know the best price for the car you are eyeing!), the technology and the flurry of new features that recent car models have. Admittedly, it’s somewhat of a standard for new cars that roll of the production lines these days to come fitted with an onboard computer and that onboard computer is usually well-equipped to make the job of looking after your car that much easier. It can detect when something like one or more of the tyres are underinflated or have some or other type of problem and it can also pretty much detect and report on any other areas of the vehicle which may need some attention.

The days when fully autonomous cars will be commonplace aren’t quite here yet and it doesn’t really look like we’ll be living those days anytime soon, to be honest, so the standard-fitted onboard computer can still only do so much. It is also just a matter of a guidance tool, for example if you’re absolutely sure the tyre which is reported to be underinflated is in fact properly inflated, you can use that discretion to disregard and perhaps commission the recalibration of the OBC (onboard computer).

This type of discretion makes for just one of many car-care tips which first-time owners in particular should take into account.

Manufacturer’s ownership manual
Spend an entire afternoon if you have to, reading the ownership manual provided by the manufacturer. Sure, we’ve all been around cars all our lives and we can pretty much tell what’s what by just looking at any car, no matter the make or model, but you might learn a lot more about your car if you actually read what’s in the manual. More importantly, though, you’ll learn about specific car-care handy hints which can sometimes be crucial to the preservation of the lifespan of your car and also perhaps assist in keeping it from suffering unnecessary damage. By reading the manual in-depth, you will also be equipped with more knowledge when you search for the right type of car insurance via an online resource, or even an offline resource, for that matter.

Collaborating with other owners of the same make and model

It’ll probably do you a world of good to take the time to speak with other people who own the same make and model as you do, ideally through centralised but independent platforms such as an online forum or thread in a forum. This way you can learn about specific car-care requirements for your specific vehicle, often either intentionally or unintentionally not covered by the manufacturer.

You might learn about the best short term insurance for cars which have a propensity to suffer a spike in theft or over a specific period, for instance, whereas the manufacturers and regular insurers don’t quite readily make that knowledge public. It could also be a matter of learning about specific ways to solve common issues which the manufacturers themselves aren’t especially aware of or they want you to bring the car in for an expensive temporary solution, such as how Peugeot owners report battery and lights issues caused by the need to perhaps have a new panel board installed.

Left unchecked, this notoriously leads to a wide selection of many misdiagnosed issues, some of which are reported by the OBC, such as the OBC reporting low oil pressure when the issue has absolutely nothing do to with oil pressure at all. For the simpler repairs and replacements, like if your dog chews up the seat belt webbing and you need it replaced, you can often contact OEM suppliers such as Safety Restore (https://www.safetyrestore.com/seat-belt-repair-service/11-seat-belt-webbing-replacement.html) and get it done at a fairly affordable price. Having a fair bit of knowledge about your car and its components can help you avoid unnecessary expenditure and take care of the vehicle better.

Otherwise keep your baby clean. Take her in for regular servicing, as per the recommended service intervals.

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