A simple watch tells the time. No more, no less. However, nowadays consumers tend to demand a little bit more of them and if you want to give one as a present, where do you start?

Here’s a guide to choosing a wrist watch as a gift, and why they’re still very much worth giving to the people that you love. 

Why the gift of a watch is one that will keep on giving

Firstly, it’s one of the nicest and most thoughtful ways of expressing your love for someone. Every time they look at the watch they’ll think of you and remember how it was given and why. It’s a touching gesture, but one that means such a lot.

Giving vintage timepieces, such as a luxury Zenith automatic watch as presents means they will not only last a lifetime, but can be handed down generation to generation, too. They’ll never date or age – and they’ll always be able to tell a story.

How to choose a watch as a gift

How do you choose the right watch for someone as a gift? Here are just a few helpful pointers to consider that should make the task a bit easier.

  • What’s your budget?

There are many brands of watches, and as such a wide variety of price points. Some are affordable, while others are more expensive. Staying within a reasonable budget is advisable, as is making sure you buy a watch that suits the person’s personal style, too. If they don’t wear designer labels, then a designer watch might not sit comfortably with them. Likewise, if their style is classic and tailored, then a fashion brand might feel out of kilter. Tailor the price point you aim for to their style and your budget.

  • What size do you need?

Keep in mind the style of the person you’re buying for when you think about the size of watch they need. If they’re small and petite then a large watch with a huge dial might not be right. A watch that is too small might look very out of place on someone with a larger wrist. One rule of thumb to stick to is to choose watches with face diameters of between 3.4 to 5cm. 

  • What design elements do you require?

Sometimes playing safe is the best bet unless you are absolutely sure of the person you’re buying for and their personal style. Classic and simple will never date or age, for any gender. Likewise, it can be paired with a host of different outfits and trends and work with many different trends and styles. Fashion watches come in classic styles these days and are often very well manufactured and built to last.

Giving a watch as a gift is a perfect way to celebrate someone you love, whether they’re a friend or family member and it’s a gift they’ll be able to treasure for many decades to come.

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