For decades, it’s been a certainty that a Ford Crown Victoria would be the police officer’s ride when you get pulled over for a traffic citation.  However, police forces have been “forced” to step it up a bit over the years.  

The Crown Vic is no longer the fastest, most capable vehicle around, and law enforcement in some places have figured out a way to level the playing field a bit.  

You can have the best custom graphics on your patrol cars, but looking good isn’t everything when it’s time to catch the bad guys.  Check out some of the coolest cop cars from around the world, and think twice about trying to outrun these babies.  

Queensland, Australia

Queensland police officers have driven Holden and Ford sedans, but the production of their go-to rides was stopped in 2017.  Faced with a substantial issue, the police department chose to purchase 50 Kia Stingers to start the process of swapping out their cruisers.  

Queensland police admit that they’ve never worked with a foreign made vehicle, but the Stinger GT comes with a twin-turbo V6 engine.  There’s no shortage of patrol power in the Stinger GT.  

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is already well known for the abundance of money in the region, and their police force suffers no shortage of funds as well.  The Dubai Police Force has a pretty impressive list of exotic cars on the roster.  

Among the list of excellent vehicles they have at their disposal is an Aston-Martin, a Bugatti, and a Lamborghini.  It’s clear that this police department spares no expense for the officer’s working the beat. 

Orlando, Florida

In Orlando, Florida, the police officers have to have a vehicle that can keep pace with the crime rates.  Having a fast and capable vehicle is the difference between catching the bad guy and letting him get away.  Watch your pace if you ever find yourself in Orlando, or you might see a strong horse behind you.  

Somerset County, England

The Somerset County police in England drive super cool vehicles, and you might not even see them behind you on the roads.  You have a better chance of hearing them before you see them.  

Somerset County Police recently purchased an Ariel Atom 3.5R, and the ability of this vehicle is like no other police car you’ve ever seen.  It can go zero to 60 in less than three seconds, and it’ll catch any motorcycle or sports car it needs to catch.  

Fremont, California

Fremont Police Department was lucky enough to be the test dummies for the Tesla Model S patrol car.  The department hopes to fully integrate the Tesla and save thousands on fuel each year.  

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