Halloween is coming and the big question is almost always “what to wear”? Whilst some might prefer a costume that’s cute and cuddly others will want something fierce and scary. And what could be more scary than the classic full-body dinosaur costume?

There is a high chance you already saw many videos online where people wear dinosaur costumes to scare other people. They became viral a few years ago and are still trending. Mostly used as a fun idea for halloween, they are considered as a great way to have fun as an adult and as a child. A great thing is that you have a wide variety of them to choose and most people will make a purchase online.

You will need to look at a few things when making an online purchase because you might get the wrong size, a badly made product or something you didn’t expect to see in the package. When you look at the pictures of the product, it may seem cool but it’s important to check the reviews and ratings so you can be sure others were also satisfied.

When to Use Them?

Most costumes are now inflatable and look more convincing to children. You don’t only have to use it on Halloween, kids parties are also a great place especially if the kids are into it. A lot of parents love the idea of dressing up and being the one their children have fun with instead of hiring a clown or magician. You will appreciate the interaction you will have and it’s something they will remember while growing up.

Science teachers will have a great way to teach their class about dinosaurs. It’s proven that they will learn better if they have a visual representation and it might make them interested in the topic. Some people will use it to scare their kids and make a fun video. So, you can use it anywhere you like but not every model because some inflated types don’t last too long. Read more here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Diy-Dinosaur-Costume/

Big Boy’s Dinosaur costume

Looking at the materials used to make these costumes is a must because they can be very uncomfortable from the moment you put it on. The one made by Princess Paradise is 100% polyester fabric and 100% polyurethane. People buy it for children and that’s why they use elastic bands for wrists and ankles so it won’t be too tight.

The weight is 1 pound and measures 14.1×13.2×3.2. An advantage over other products is that they can wear shoes and gloves while being in the costume. But, there isn’t a perfect model so it may happen that paws don’t fit correctly. You can find a zip on the front so they can put it on easily and it has bright colors that make the design great.

The Luckysun T-Rex Costume

There is something about T-Rex that every child likes. It is the most popular dinosaur by far and many adults like to wear it to scare their kids. Always look for an inflatable type because it makes you much larger. Everyone can use it because it is unisex and easy to inflate and deflate. When purchasing online, make sure that the seller is reputable because there are many stores that scam people.

Even older people can get scared when a 2.2 meter T-Rex jumps out from the corner. It’s made from durable polyester so you can run around without any issues. It can be annoying to pump it every time because it uses the batteries very fast. Check if the pump is cooling the suit so it won’t be a problem during the summer.

Funstuff Baby Dinosaur

Your kid will probably want to have one once you bought it for yourself so be prepared to buy one more that suits them. Many moms like to dress their babies that are 6 to 12 months old and a dinosaur costume can be a great choice. This model has a front zip for easy dressing and also you need to make sure that it can be washed in the machine because kids play usually ends up in a mess.

User reviews are essential when you are buying one because small things like being comfortable and warm can mean a lot for your youngsters. The problem is that it doesn’t have a tail but that might mean it’s comfortable to sleep in. The purchase should be made by your own preferences but having someone that owns it can be a huge help. Read more on this website.

Buying a Present

If you don’t know what to get for your friend, this might be an original idea that will surprise them. Even if it seems like a joke, they will probably like it and wear it whenever there is a chance. The only thing you need to know about your friend is if they love attracting attention or not. Check if the battery life is strong so they can wear it for a longer period of time.

Buying a present like this can have its risk like negative attention from people that would want to take photos or play with it when so it can get damaged. Everything is also better when you do it in pairs so you can get one for yourself. This way, they won’t feel uncomfortable being the only one wearing it.

Wearing the Costume

An adult can easily damage it if they don’t know how to place it on. This happens a lot so try to do it slowly. It’s recommended to place it on the floor with the zipper facing upwards. You can now step into it and crouch into a ball. This is the easiest way after which you can start the fan and zip it up.

Most people have problems with ventilation where they end up sweating because there is no air coming in or out once you pump it up. You will notice this after a few minutes so you will need to take a break if you plan to use it for a few hours. It is a big trend that your kids will like and most models are very affordable. They can be found on websites like Amazon or Aliexpress but it’s better to ask someone that has it where they found it.

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