Whenever a celebrity brings out their diamond engagement rings for a paparazzi shot, jewelers get a deluge of calls for custom requests of similar designs. But did you know that rings that are obviously meant as product placements in movies get just as much attention when they are featured in the media?

Also, it goes without saying that most of us secretly dream about having one such engagement ring for our special day. Many people often think about customizing rings so that they look similar to the ones that are worn by celebrities. Though the idea seems quite fascinating, there could be challenges like sourcing a skilled jeweller who can customize rings according to individual tastes and likings. After all, nobody would want to compromise on their special day! That being said, those who are interested in sourcing a skilled jeweler can search for ottawa jewellers on the Internet. They are known to create everlasting jewellery items that can turn any special day into a timeless memory.

Anyway, without further ado, let us take a look at the favorite engagement rings from famous movies and a well-loved TV show:

  • That Crazy Huge Emerald Ring from Crazy Rich Asians

Michelle Yeoh provided her own jewelry for the iconic scenes about the engagement ring on Crazy Rich Asians. Since this is a personal item, it was most likely difficult for the public to find a similar design on the market. That being said, it is not easy to find an emerald on the retail of that size.

  • The Other Diamond in Titanic

While the Heart of the Ocean got most of the attention from the movie, people who have a keen eye probably saw Rose Dawson’s engagement ring in many scenes in the movie. Even though the Heart of the Ocean was considered as a symbolic representation of opulence and greed in the movie, the engagement ring signified more of Rose’s confined life as a fiancĂ©e of a ruthless man.

  • The Black Diamond Ring from Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw’s original engagement ring was amazing in itself, but everybody wanted the bad girl diamond ring Big gave her at the end of the second movie. Is it an engagement ring, though? Or maybe a re-engagement ring. Whatever it is, it counts as a stellar engagement ring choice for anyone who has a taste for black diamonds.

  • The Really Pink Diamond from Legally Blonde

We don’t think anyone has overshadowed the pink-ness of Elle Wood’s engagement ring from Legally Blonde. We could say it is fuchsia, but Elle’s trademark is pink. So, it’s pink. At present, the most similar ring we’ve seen in real-life would-be Katy Perry’s flower ring. Having said that, you could Make An Engagement Ring Berkshire (or wherever you’re located) based on the designs you’ve got in your mind.

  • The Blinding Engagement Ring from Funny Girl

Barbara Streisand was the star of the show, but that huge rock she wore in the movie took second place. In this day and age, getting a diamond like that from a jeweler is like giving them an Arthurian quest. The demand for a diamond of that size is not that high, but it is there. You just don’t see it because it’s someone’s “preciouuuusss.”

Which ring did you like the most and do you know any other iconic engagement rings we haven’t mentioned?

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