If there’s one place that has a very diverse living environment packed into a small space, it’s London. No two apartments are the same even when you live in the same area, and apartment managers like Native Management will tell you that each one has its charm and advantage.

Of course, that also means that when it comes to apartments, prices vary, and in London the cost of a home can range between 400k and 800k if you’re going to buy. For rent, a week would cost you an average of around 660 a week to 7.5k a month depending on the property. Even in Central London, there are two-bedroom apartments for rent that cost around 1.5k to 5k. It’s usually the luxury suites that cost around 8k to 10k per month.

Doing your homework

When it comes to finding an apartment in London, it’s essential to go beyond just the average numbers. You need to first start with the location, and then find a local expert agent. So, if you’re looking to live in Hammersmith or Shepherds Bush, then you need to visit Finlay Brewer for properties in West London or an agent of similar expertise. Then there are factors leading to what you’re looking for in a home, the rooms you need, the amenities, and so on.

But before you even start your search, it’s crucial to determine the purpose for which you need to rent an apartment in London. For instance, if you’re a working professional, prioritizing proximity to the central business district can significantly reduce your commute time. On the other hand, if you’re a student, consider reaching out to housing companies that specialize in assisting students in finding suitable accommodations. Given that London is a major hub for international students, many of these companies collaborate and offer support for student renters, which will likely make the process of securing the right property easier.

Failing to conduct thorough research may lead you to limit your options to what’s seen in online ads or Google searches, potentially leaving you stuck with a property for years. This is why it’s highly recommended to invest time in comprehensive research, ensuring you get the best price without overlooking any opportunities. Keep in mind the key factors that are crucial when searching for a place to live:

  1. What’s your purpose? Renting an apartment in London can be affected by the number of days that you are staying in it. Prices are cheaper per month if you’re planning to visit for six to twelve months and beyond. If you’re backpacking and touring the world, the cost of a seven-day stay can be as low as 600 to 2,700 depending on the property.
  2. Where are you planning to stay? This is kind of related to the first point. The place is also another factor that affects the price of apartment rental after all. For example, Central London has the most expensive rents in all of London, while East London has the lowest rates.

It won’t do, however, if you’re going to stay in East London but you are attending a conference in Central or West London, unless you have transport or the means to get there. It would be best to create a balance between location and the purpose of a visit, and the price. Staying in the cheapest accommodation or staying near the purpose of your visit does not necessarily save you money. Spending a bit more for convenience isn’t necessarily bad either.

Finally, choose accommodation based on who’s visiting. If you’re the only one, then you can save on one-bathroom, one-bedroom apartments. If you’re there on vacation, you should choose cheaper rooms because shorter periods are costlier than staying for more than a month or two. But if you’re bothered by small apartments, it isn’t a sin to spend more for bigger, single occupant apartments. After all, the point is to have a place you can feel comfortable in.

Be sure to have a think about all the essentials you’d like for your home decor and home living, and how these would work in any place you find.

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