Our furry friends are often so much better than people, they love us so much and ask for nothing in return. Treat your four-legged friend, winged wonder or scaly soulmate to a gift that repays their companionship.


Cats are really easy to buy for, with an abundance of specialised cat posts, costumes, treats and accessories. Get your moggy a top of the range scratching post-cum-bed like this one from Tigga Towers, or glam up with a gem incrusted cats collar in their favourite colour.

Maybe your cat is obsessed with food, try and find a luxury brand for their favourite flavour, or go all out and bake them a fishy cake! You can also get a monthly subscription to a hamper service that delivers a range of treats and products so you can treat your feline to new things every single month.

cat scraching post gift


Where would we be without man’s best friend? The perfect companion for everyone and they need showering with appreciation just as much as our human friends. Dogs would be happy with just your attention but why not go the extra mile and get them a brand new deluxe dog bed from a company such as Bobby Bed? They’ll probably still sleep at the end of your bed but at least they have the option of settling down in comfy dog when they want to! Paw parents are often unsure how to care for their pets when they bring them home for the first time. They may even go overboard and buy every toy they can think of for their dog, down to dog stairs. Just remember that your house is a new environment for your dog. So, it may take time for them to adjust to the new home. Make sure not to spoil them too much and instead provide the appropriate training.

Or get them an interactive treat machine and stimulate them as they earn a reward. There are lots of puzzle reward toys on the market and they’re great for keeping your pup active and aware.

dog basket gift


If you’re a horse lover and want to find them the perfect gift, then look no further! There is a whole range of grooming products available to make your equestrian wonder look and feel beautiful. For a great treat, indulge in a luxury brand for something extra special.

Dress your horse with the finest rug/blanket, or even invest in a massage rug for a hard-worked horse. There is even now animal-safe glitter paint for hooves for that extra glam on competition day.

Small Animals

While our rabbits, rodents and other small animals may not be too aware of the wider world, they still deserve a little bit of love on special occasions. Small animals are much harder to buy for as the market is not as big for them. Try finding some unusual treats, hamsters and mice love flavoured popcorn but make sure you get popcorn especially made for rodents.

Seeing as rabbits live underground while in the wild, an elaborate tunnel system would be perfect for a fun game for them. Splash out on a really high-quality one to keep your bunny happy and active.


Like small animals, reptiles are hard to treat, so splash out on a new piece of furniture for their vivarium or invest in an elaborate cricket feeder to stimulate your lizard. Another way to stimulate your lizard, gecko or reptile of choice is by buying it a friend like a crested gecko for sale.

For more of a novelty gift, independent craftspeople have created funny reptile outfits, perfect for getting that great Instagram shot of your scaly friend!

bearded dragon costume gift

Do you have a gift that’s perfect for our animal friends? Want a feature on Gifted Penguin? Tell us all about it and you could get mentioned!

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