There’s probably a science to creating a backyard garden sanctuary that revitalises, relaxes, calms and inspires you, but we’ll attempt to explore that in hindsight. The first order of business is drawing on the collective experience of landscapers, homemakers, hobbyist gardeners and garden furniture manufacturers, to aggregate the proven elements of a backyard garden sanctuary.

So even if you can’t confidently claim you “know exactly what you’re doing,” implementing these fundamentals of a backyard garden sanctuary will have you enjoying one in good time. You could even go ahead and build a cozy dwelling unit in your backyard space (here are some helpful hints on that) so that you have a place to relax and enjoy all the different elements you’ve incorporated. It might very well be a case of someone asking you exactly how you achieve the effects of your garden sanctuary and you not knowing exactly what to point at as the elements which make it up being received as some kind of coyness with the secrets you seemingly possess.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you know that the fish pond or equivalent body of water brings with it the Zen energy that calms anybody enjoying the space benefits from…

How to get your water feature looking as good as it can

The trick is for it to look as natural as possible, such as a fish pond. A water body is definitely a requirement for the most effective of backyard garden sanctuaries and preferably the water should flow in some or other way so that you can “hear” it. But it’s okay if it’s still, and you can have something like a water-lily pond if you don’t have the motivation to look after some fish. If you do want to look after fish, hikari koi would be an excellent choice.

If you’re going to install water-features, they shouldn’t require power to “operate” and it’s okay if the water only flows following some rain…This can be a great added extra to enjoy from your garden furniture!

Some kind of water body is definitely needed though.

Fast-growing trees

Aim for trees that absolutely love water, these are usually very fast-growing trees. Weeping willows appear to grow quite easily anywhere in the world, so long as they are near lots of water.

They will also depict visible signs of life as they grow, making for a slightly fresher setting to retreat to and enjoy, each time you hang out in your backyard garden sanctuary.

Going wild with your grass

This can be interpreted in two ways, one being going crazy with garden lawn, with the other being electing to grow wild grass varieties instead of the domestic lawn.

Domestic lawn needs regular maintenance, i.e. cutting, watering and trimming, while wild grass can be planted along with gravel stone and wood pathways, which lead up to the water body that would likely be at the lowest point of the garden.

Ensure to factor in flood-planning, but otherwise, your body of water can act as the catchment area to account for possible over-watering of some other parts of your garden. This will help to keep your garden manageable and a good environment for garden furniture.

Wise garden furniture choices

You can never go wrong with a wooden bench to make up your wooden garden furniture requirements as part of the construction of a backyard garden sanctuary. Place your teak garden bench within an ear-and-eye shot of the water body and anybody who places themselves on it is almost guaranteed to enjoy the effects of the quintessential backyard garden sanctuary.

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