Gift buying for birthdays can get hard, especially when you’ve known someone for a very long time. It can begin to seem that you’ve already exhausted all your good ideas and can’t think what more they could want! Luckily, jewellery is always a great option, and finding something special is ever easier online, with so much variation on hand. Of course, there is also a further way to make sure you are buying your loved one something that will really make their day. By choosing a gift that is specifically catered to them, or to birthdays in general, you can be sure that you are making their special day memorable. One way to do this is through buying a charm to add to a necklace or bracelet, or even more specifically, a birthday charm. Some bracelets or necklaces are designed to hold these charms, but equally a standard chain or link will hold them just as well – it really depends what you’re looking for!

Some people may think this sounds like the type of jewellery that is better suited to children, and whilst it certainly makes a lovely present for them, there are so many sophisticated options for adults too. Some charms have such an elegance about them when in metal, especially on a delicate chain or embedded in a composable bracelet. Something as simple as their initials, or the number representing their age looks dainty and classy, yet still individual to that person. For someone who like a little more glam in their life, it is so easy to get beautiful charms with inset gems or subtle diamanté, which adds to the wow factor without taking away from the sophistication. What’s more, this is the gift that can be expanded upon; if there’s space, the recipient can add charms themselves and further personalise it as they please.

In particular, Nomination Italy has a great variety of online birthday charms, and every charm purchase can be seen both individually and as it would look when attached to a chain or link. This makes sure that you are buying precisely what you want, and there are no nasty shocks when receiving it in the mail. The charm options vary from simple hearts or letters to more intricate words, birthday cakes, or even mixed metal symbols. What’s more, Nomination is a website that deals in exclusively Italian stock, known for timeless style and great quality. When life is busy and birthdays are often, sites like these are lifesavers.

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Written by Kitty

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