Are you struggling for a gift idea for someone that is into fitness? It might seem that this type of person is easy to buy for, but this is not always true because you do not want to get them something that they already have or something that they will not use. The fitness market is gigantic with all kinds of products to choose from, so what are a few good gift ideas for 2021? Read on for a few ideas which will hopefully give you some inspiration and help you to find the perfect gift for a loved one that is into fitness.

Pull-Up Bar

Many people are working out at home in 2021, and this can be a struggle without the right equipment, especially if someone is used to being in the gym. Not everyone has space for a gym in the home, but a pull-up bar is something that everyone can fit in their home in-between a door frame. Pull-ups are also a superb activity for building strength for both men and women.

Resistance Bands

Another excellent gift for working out from home is resistance bands, which can be used in all kinds of different ways and provide a great workout. They are a good alternative to having a set of dumbbells, which are obviously much heavier and can take up a lot of space, so resistant bands are perfect for those without much space for working out at home.

Wireless Headphones

Anyone that exercises regularly with headphones knows just how frustrating it can be when the wire gets tangled or pulls when performing a certain motion. This is not an issue when you have wireless headphones, which can deliver excellent sound quality without the frustration or limitation that wired headphones bring.


Cycling is a brilliant activity for 2021 because it is one which people can safely do during the pandemic, it is a great way to be outside and exploring, and it is a terrific form of exercise, so a new bike is an excellent gift for these times. If you are buying for a woman, liv bikes are designed by and for women and you can find a liv bike stockist online that have a range of bikes along with helmets and other accessories.

Bath Products

Everyone with a passion for fitness knows that recovery is just as important as exercise. Bath products could be a thoughtful gift that allows them to pamper themselves and fully unwind after a tough workout, so this is sure to be warmly received and could make a big difference to their recovery periods and off days.

These are just a few ideas for gifts for anyone with a passion for fitness in 2021. It is hard to buy for someone that has a passion for fitness and exercise, especially in the current situation when there are still restrictions in place, and people are having to change the way in which they exercise, but there are still lots of good options to consider.

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