We all know by now that special occasions require special gifts, there’s no better way to spread the joy of birthdays, weddings, graduation day (click now for more information) Mother’s Day, retirements etc than exchanging gifts and experiencing the thrill of gift giving. However, there is a danger of offending with the wrong gift, souring relationships and causing some issues.

It’s easy to see why putting some thought into a gift can make or break a present, you wouldn’t want to give someone something they don’t want or won’t use. Once you know how it’s easy to pick the perfect gift.


The simplest way to discover the perfect gift for anyone is through observation. You can easily find out what someone would like to have by paying attention to their conversations, lifestyle and even their home or office desk. Have a conversation with the person you need to buy for, they’ll subconsciously mention what they do and don’t like – so listen close.

Take some time to analyze the preferences and needs of the recipient. With this information, you should be able to find a connected gift. For example, a person who enjoys spas might enjoy health and beauty products. You can curate personalised gift boxes with products based on some of their interests. Providers like UnboxMe offer many options to build a gift box that’ll put a grin on the recipient’s face!

Unique Personality

Everyone has their own unique personality traits, maybe they sing in the shower or like all their stationary to match, these characteristics can help you choose gifts that will be greatly appreciated. People often end up choosing generic gifts that do not match the recipient’s taste, and these end up in a storage box in the attic or garage.

stationary gift

Therefore, you should shop with your loved one’s eyes instead of your own. In simple terms, do not think about what you would like to have. Consider their personality and what reflects it best. For example, an animal lover might appreciate a cute charm bracelet rather than a trendy chic alternative. Or someone who is fashion-forward might like to wear curated tank tops and hoodies (you can get them customized from sites similar to Mato Hash) for their daily wear. It is all about perspective and choice at the end of the day!

Hobbies and Interests

If you do not have the patience to observe your target or are not sure about their personality, you should choose your gifts by considering their obvious interests or hobbies. Everyone has certain things that they like and people around them always know. These hobbies and likes can include books, pets, music, wildlife, health and beauty, gardening, sports, and astrology. You do not have to feign interest in their activities. You can check out reviews on the latest products in their niche field of interest. You are almost always guaranteed a good item since every industry is constantly advancing. For example, if the recipient is a fan of games and entertainment, you should consider purchasing gifts such as the latest game or a new console. Likewise, if your partner enjoys astrology and the stars, then you could buy them unique paper anniversary gifts that display the phases of the moon and stars on an important date in your relationship.

gaming gifts

Time and Adventure

Finally, consider giving your loved one the gift of your time and adventure. Everyone appreciates material objects on special occasions. However, the sentiment in the present is more meaningful when it is accompanied by your presence. You can purchase tickets to a sports game, health spa, museum, or adventure sports centers like spitfires.com for your friend, depending on their interests. Then, dedicate some time to go with them for a more fulfilling experience.

gift of time

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Written by Kitty

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