Planning to go on a trip somewhere? Why not try Australia, and Sydney, in particular? Australia is one of the most diverse locations on the planet. You have one big island in the middle of the southern seas just below Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, divided into six states. It has six major cities that are all coastal cities. It also has six significant climates, several mountains, grasslands, rivers, and famous beaches. There’s a lot of things to do in Sydney alone. Imagine Australia as one big sandbox, ironically, with just about anything you can think off to do.

Sounds exciting right? But before you pack your bags and book a flight over there for the holidays, you should do a checklist first, as Australia has a unique culture compared to most of the West.

  1. Tipping. Tipping in Australia is allowed but not encouraged or discouraged. Instead, tipping is left to the customers to decide if they want to tip the waiters or not.
  2. Beetroot. Australians love beetroot, and it exists in almost all their dishes so if you don’t like beetroot you should remember to watch out for it. As a rule, ask them first if the food being served to you contains any. They mostly do tell the customers if there is any beetroot in it, but you should ask anyway if they don’t.
  3. The language. Australians speak English, just like their ancestors. But the accents and some usages of some words may confuse you. The word “mate” for example, is a word they use to refer to anyone they’re talking to.
  4. The sockets. Be prepared to buy an adapter for Australian sockets because all plugs in Australia are different from the rest of the world. You may find difficulty trying to look for a hardware and electrical store when you get there, so instead, buy one before you leave.
  5. Currency and credit cards. Major cities in Australia have banks and complete services just like the rest of the world. And just like the rest of the world’s rural areas, some services are limited in Australia’s rural areas and the Outback. Major credit cards are honoured in Australia, and you can exchange currencies in Australian banks. Another bit of news is that bringing Australian currency from the outside is restricted and must be declared to customs. The limit to how much you can carry is at AUD $10,000.
  6. Weather. Finally, remember that Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere. When planning a trip take note that It’s cold there during summer in the north and it is warm there during the northern winter.

And with all that said, enjoy Australia as much as you can. As mentioned earlier there are a lot of things you can do in Australia. There are museums to visit, wilderness to explore. And different kinds of food to taste. There are deserts to see, mountains to climb, forests and rivers to tour in the continent — so good luck and happy trails.




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Written by Kitty

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