Anniversaries are the perfect time to celebrate all that makes you and your significant other so special. Getting each other gifts to mark the occasion is just one great way to do this, but you cannot just get any old gift for your significant other. To help you really wow them this year, use this gift idea guide.

Something for Your Future

Experiences are a great gift to give. You can either look locally and book an experience or alternatively can plan a trip for yourselves. When you go and enjoy these experiences doesn’t strictly matter, either. You could have a quiet evening and then give your partner the plane tickets for a trip later on in the season, or you could plan your anniversary around the experience itself. Both are very romantic and make for excellent anniversary gifts.

An Experience

Experiences can range from a cooking class to a spa retreat. These are the sorts of things that you can do and perhaps always wanted to do near where you live. You can even save by booking in advance or taking advantage of deals throughout the year, especially if they can be cashed in during your anniversary.

A Trip

Instead of trying something new, you can go somewhere new. In 2021 this will likely either be a staycation or, alternatively, a trip for the future. Many airlines and hotels are offering great deals to encourage people to book flights and plan their vacations in advance. For example, you may find a lot of deals revolving around free rescheduling. This way, if you cannot make it out of your country, you can change your flight dates without a fee.

Of course, you should never underestimate how great a simple staycation can be. Exploring your own country is a fabulous way to love where you live, and there are many hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation properties that you can rent.

Something for Your Sex Life

Anniversaries are the perfect time to invest in your sex life. Sex toys are fun ways to really spice things up. This isn’t just because of the inherent pleasure that can be found in them, but rather in the new ways that you can rediscover your partner. Try to find a toy they would enjoy or one that can benefit you both. If you’re into roleplay then you can find toys to fit that criteria as well, for example, these shaggy and wooly butt plugs often used in “furry” roleplay. Whatever you choose, a sex toy or two can liven up your sex life in new and exciting ways.

Something for the Home

You don’t need to get strictly romantic gifts, either. You could get something for the home. The home that you and your partner share is as great a focus for your gift as any. Flowers, art, a new drink set – the possibilities are endless. If you need a jumping-off point, however, then consider looking for either décor or for an item that will give the both of you something new to do at home. This could be a new baking tool or even a craft kit.

Mixing and Matching

The final tip we leave you with today is that it is entirely possible to mix and match. Buy a craft kit or experience for the home, and invest in a larger trip for later on the year. There are no rules, so just do what feels best for you and your partner.

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Written by Kitty

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