Every homeowner prefers the look and feel of their ideal home, and many of them choose the look of a wooden floor over a traditional carpet in order to make it look that extra bit fabulous.

People want it to look authentic also, which is why they are drawn to hardwood flooring that can easily be installed by companies such as improvix hardwood flooring Chicago based, or from finding a more local option. Hardwood floors are long-lasting and can add a great deal of value to a home due to their desirability. However, as great as a hardwood floor looks, there are also plenty of considerations that come with choosing to have it. For one, the amount of care and attention that is needed to help preserve it is high, as simple, small damage can lead to much bigger problems.


For starters, real hardwood flooring is an expensive option in price and in installation.

It is not necessarily an easy product to install so it would require a professional fitter which costs either a flat rate or an hourly rate. Naturally, it will also require special cleaning chemicals that can also start to rack up the regular expenses. Should your wooden planks become damaged they can also be extra cost in replacing them and any boards that get damaged whilst trying to replace them. You could consider getting in touch with professional timber suppliers such as Sawmill Direct and alike, to get good quality products in case you are looking to replace your hardwood floors.


No matter how much you care for your hardwood floor it is going to find itself damaged over time.

Those with high foot traffic in rooms and pets with claws will experience more than their fair share of needing replacement boards over time. You could have them finished to a higher degree but that will also call for extra charges depending on the type of room, floor layout and finish. Scratches are not the only forms of damage that can ruin the floor, with stains from spilled liquids, food and sauces causing potential discoloration and fading on occasion.

Also is concern that hardwood is not a waterproof product, which means that spills and leakings can seep through to your underfloor and cause wood rot in higher volumes.


Hardwood flooring can tend to be a noisy product when walking across it, so it is not necessarily a great product for upstairs or apartments with neighbours below.

This can also provide louder levels of creaking on floorboards which can be an annoyance in the night if the children are sleeping.


Of course, if you really desire the look of hardwood flooring you could go in the direction of Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring such as Luvanto Endure Pro or Parquet ranges.

Vinyl flooring is a product that perfectly replicates the loom of hardwood flooring whilst working to eliminate its faults listed above. When it comes to cost it is a cheap product in price only, coming in at a fraction of the price of hardwood and not necessarily requiring a professional fitter cost on top due to its simple click together technologies.

This means you can potentially lay the vinyl flooring of your choosing yourself, which can save a large amount of money in comparison to hardwood. As it is a highly durable product you also tend to save on replacement sections due to its impressive lifespan. Added to its benefits is the abundance of protective qualities such as anti-scratch, stain, and moisture properties that ensure protection over the previous hardwood threats.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is also a great insulator of heat and sound, which along with many other positives makes it the most recommended substitute for those wanting a real hardwood floor.

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