Writers. They’re adorable and weird at the same time. I guess “adorably weird” would be a more accurate description. Sometimes, they will captivate you with the way they talk – so poetic and colorful; it makes you wonder how much GB they’ve got in their brain to be so eloquent in terms of vocabulary. Other times they’d annoy you with how distant they are. It’s as if they’re trapped in their own little world or something. Such is the mysteries of being a writer or having one as a friend.

So, when their birthday comes around, it makes you think “What in the world am I going to give this adorable little weirdo?”

When it comes to presents, the first thing that comes to mind is probably books. You’re probably thinking “Hey, he loves to write so he’s probably a big fan of reading too! I might as well wrap him a book for a present.” While that line of thinking is not wrong and many writers do appreciate a good read, best be careful. Writers tend to put way too much attention into detail, and they might be horrified about what you got for them. Check this out: https://www.vox.com/culture/2019/12/21/21031584/book-gift-giving-tips.

In the case of books, never ever give a writer a book if you don’t have the slightest idea who his favorite author is. Writers take these things very seriously and there are some authors they simply don’t agree with! If you get them a book written by someone they despise or a book from a new author that turns out is someone they also dislike, your kind gesture might turn into your worst nightmare. You might even take it the wrong way when they comment something negative about what you gave them. Don’t take it to heart though! Being spitefully direct and honest is often a common trait in writers and the worst part is that they’re oblivious to it most of the time!

Still, if you’re close enough to one to actually want to research his or her present, I think you’d already know about that.

Again, books are a stellar idea but only if you know who they’re fond of. You can also give them something from an author you like (but let them know it’s your personal recommendation so they get the hint not to be rude) and see how they’d like it. Otherwise, don’t just buy them any random book with some fancy cover. For writers, the content is far more important than the look.

Here are other tips to keep in mind when you’re out to buy a special gift for the creative mind:

Choose Something That’s Practical

I think most people these days would prefer something that they can conveniently use in daily life rather than some fancy trinket that would just gather dust in their closet. You can read more about it here. Writers are especially drawn to practical things, at least most are. They would love to receive bath towels and blankets more than they’d appreciate getting expensive jewelry or extravagant clothing. Since they mostly work from home, comfort items will not fail to make them smile. You might think the present itself is lame but trust me; they’d adore you for it!

You May Want To Focus On The Message Of Your Gift & Not The Price

As you may already know, writers are very creative. They like to think outside the box, and they are constantly in search for the meaning in things. With that mind, you’d probably want to focus more on the message your gift brings. You should concern yourself more about what it conveys to your receiver more than how much it’s worth. I’m telling you; your writer friend will not be looking at the price tag, he or she will be looking at the priceless value of the present you give which can be determined by how much emotion he can get from it.

In order to get a meaningful present for your loved one, put yourself in their shoes. Try to think like them. What do you think they’ll like? What present do you believe best describes them? These things will help you choose something that would reach the depths of their heart. I would know because I’m a sappy writer too! Embarrassing as it may be to admit such a thing, I do appreciate gifts that hold a lot of meaning!   

Something They Can Use For Their Writing Is Also A Plus

Like I said, when choosing gifts for writers, practicality is something most people appreciate. Aside from things they can use on a daily basis, searching for something that can help them in their profession can also be a great present! It also goes to show that you are very supportive of what they do and that you would like to help them achieve their goals in ways you know how. Something simple like a planner, notebook, or pen can really tug the heartstrings of a poetic man. It does not only show that you care about their work but also that you’re concerned enough to give them a nice push.

Writers are constantly under a lot of pressure, especially when they’re just starting out. They also tend to go back and forth in their decision to pursue such a career since it’s not all that stable and it does not exactly promise a certain future. Still, knowing that you’re there to support them through the journey can really alleviate their fears and uncertainties.

Refrain From Giving Them Beginner Books For Writers

This may seem like a nice gesture – but only for beginner writers who you know are actual beginners! If you give a veteran writer how-to books in their own craft, they might take it the wrong way, you know. Of course, they might not show it on their face, but you never know what someone is feeling deep inside. For example, they might misunderstand it and think that you probably don’t like the way they write, and you want them to change their style. When you do give books related to their profession, give something that’s more inspirational than instructional. Peace out!  

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Written by Kitty

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