We’re all aware of how serious climate change is. For those who want to be more environmentally friendly, your first port of call should be to make your home and garden as eco-friendly as can be. Doing so can not only do your bit in helping to save the planet, but could also increase the value of your home. To get started, here are a few tips on how to create an eco-friendly garden.

Recycle and Reuse Materials

If you’re serious about going green, it’s advised to use recycled materials for your garden. There are lots of items that you can purchase for your garden which can help make it more environmentally friendly, such as old scaffolding boards, tin buckets and baths, as well as clay pipes. What’s more, recycling materials gives you the opportunity to bring your creative side out. Amplifying your homes identify and design can transform your garden for the better.

Choose Eco Materials

Green materials that are sourced and created by the local community feature heavily in sustainable gardens. Choosing eco-materials can help reduce your carbon footprint, especially as they will have fewer air miles attached, plus most of them use next to no cement. There are all sorts of eco materials that you can choose from, which can transform your garden, such as rammed earth, chestnut paling timber, as well as woven willow. Moreover, if you’re planning to build say, a garden office, then choosing eco-friendly materials, would be a healthy option for both you and the space in which it’s going to be constructed. Materials like the latter, are usually easy to procure and are mostly more economical compared to the others.

Conserve Water

There’s no point beating around the bush, we all need to conserve as much water as we can. If you have plenty of space, you may wish to use an underground rain tank. Large ones can easily collect enough water for your garden. There are various cost-cutting tips that you can take onboard too. Instead of using a sprinkler for your garden, it’s best to water the roots of your plants without wasting it on the leaves. Cutting back on how much water you use can make a big difference and help make your garden greener.

Lay Down Permeable Paving

Available in a variety of colours, designs, and finishes, permeable paving can be another great way to help transform your garden into an eco-friendly sanctuary. There are companies like SureSet who specialize in permeable paving that you can use to transform your garden. Permeable paving has a range of environmentally friendly benefits, such as natural filtration, reducing standing water, as well as being SuDS compliant.

Cut Back on Chemicals

Pests in your garden can be a real nuisance, however, instead of reaching for toxic chemicals that could be doing more harm than good, it’s advised to go for natural methods instead. Whether it’s by using copper slug rings for slug control, or using garlic, rhubarb leaf, or elder sprays to keep control of garden pests, there are plenty of alternative options that you can use which will help do your bit for the environment.

A little can go a long way, so while you may not think the changes you make to your garden will have much of an impact, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit to help the environment.

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