You may think that it is only the foodies of the world who expand and develop their palate. However, this certainly doesn’t have to be the case. A few simple tips and tricks can help to bring a broader sense of enjoyment to your food and drink, and if you can get an increased sense of pleasure from these everyday activities, why wouldn’t you want to do it? So, here is a bit of simple advice that you can follow in order to achieve this aim.

Order More Adventurously

The problem that many people have is that when they enjoy a particular meal, they tend to order it again and again. So, the next time that you are presented with a menu, why not try a dish that is a little different from the ordinary? As your taste buds start to experience different flavours, they will recognize subtle notes, which may not have been the case before. There are also more options for you to do this from home. You could sign up to a meal subscription or a craft beer delivery service to give yourself more access to food and drink that you otherwise wouldn’t have bought for yourself.

Take Your Time When Eating

Often, when a meal is put in front of someone, they immediately wolf it down as quickly as possible. This means that they will not enjoy all of the subtleties that may be present. So, the next time that you have a meal, think about consciously slowing yourself down. Consider the flavours that you are experiencing. Take note of them as you are chewing your food thoroughly. If you are experiencing different plates, take the time to drink water after each one to cleanse your palate.

Avoid Eating in Front of the Television

The problem with eating while watching TV is that it takes away all of your attention, and you are never going to be able to enjoy your meals as fully as possible. So, the next time that you sit down to dinner, practise mindful eating that is free of distractions. As well as enjoying your food more, you can also appreciate the company of those around you just a little bit better.

Add Spice and Reduce Sugar

Finally, we have a couple of general tips to help develop your palate. Different spices can help to turn a bland meal into an interesting one. You may already use some spices in your cooking, so it is certainly worth adding one or two extras into the mix. You could head to your local supermarket spice aisle and pick up one you have never heard of before. Also, you should try to avoid added sugar, which can overwhelm every other flavour and mean that your palate becomes dull as a result. Not only this, but too much added sugar simply isn’t good for your health.

Try putting these four techniques into practice as a way of expanding and broadening out your own palate.

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Written by Kitty

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