Picking a gift for your girlfriend can seem like a hassle as there are times when you simply have no idea what to get her. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered a list of great gifts you can give to your girlfriend that she’ll most definitely like – read on to get inspired.

Scroll through her social media profile to see what she likes

The fastest and easiest way to find out what you can get your girlfriend for her birthday is scrolling through her social media profile. A lot of girls will browse for certain things and pin them on their Pinterest, so why not use the advantages that come with the era of technology and simply browse what your friend wants? Are there some clothing items that she’d like to own? Is she into a certain trend? Maybe she posted something on her Facebook or Twitter account that she might enjoy having. Whichever social media you choose, you’re sure to get inspired and find a great gift for your friend.

Make a joke

You should know your girlfriend better than anyone, so you should know what she might find funny. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of banter between you as long as you keep it light-hearted, so if you know your girlfriend is a shopaholic, and she knows she’s a shopaholic, get her something like this I Cant Be Trusted at Target t-shirt. It’s sure to give her a giggle, and it’ll show her you really know her. It can also make a great “stocking filler” as a joke gift isn’t usually too expensive, so it’ll be that little extra something that makes her day.

Give her a relaxing beauty treatment as a gift

There’s no better way to show your girlfriend how much you appreciate her than gifting her a beauty treatment. Treat her to a nice manicure or pedicure to lift up her mood – book an appointment in one of the professional nail salons nearby so she can have her nails all spruced up. It would be even better if you two could go together – that way, you can chat while getting pampered like princesses. Whether she chooses a pedicure, manicure or a paraffin wax treatment, she’ll surely be pleasantly surprised with this gift and you’ll score some extra best friend points with this one!

Give her something that resonates with her personality

Opting for a gift that showcases your friend’s personality will show her how much you appreciate her and how you really care about your friendship. It will also show that you worked hard to figure out what to buy her and that you’ve put some serious thought into her gift. Actually trying to crack the tricky gifting puzzles and finding something that she’ll genuinely like is tough sometimes, and succeeding in it shows that you truly value your friendship. Use her interests and hobbies as a guide for getting a perfect gift for her. You literally can’t go wrong if you pick something you’ve noticed she’s generally drawn to and enjoys doing.

Pick something practical and functional

If your friend is someone who’s hard to shop for (because there are people who just seem like they don’t need or want anything) you can go down the road of practicality and give her something that she’ll actually use. If she’s into fitness – buy her a nice pair of leggings and a matching top. Does she work in an office? Go for a set of office supplies or give her a nice copper mug so she can enjoy her morning coffee at work in style. And if she’s a real bookworm, don’t just give her a book as a present – get her unique bookish gear to go with it, and if she’s an e-reader, get her an e-reader case for her Kindle.

Give her the gift of experience

A great way to give your friend the gift of experience is by traveling together for a nice weekend getaway to recharge your batteries – it will help both of you to relax and reconnect with each other. Another way to surprise your friend in a non-traditional way is by purchasing a ticket for her favorite artist’s concert. See if there’s anyone that’s performing in the month of her birthday and buy her a ticket for that concert. Giving her the gift of experience will surely surprise her – bonus points if you get a concert ticket for yourself too, so you can share this wonderful experience together!

Purchasing a gift for someone you appreciate doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive at all – you just have to be creative and thoughtful. Hopefully, you got inspired by the ideas above and now you can go shopping for a gift your friend will love.

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Written by Kitty

There's nothing better than a weekend spent at a spa and total relaxation and happy thoughts is a way of life to me. It's lucky I love cats really with a name like mine! Happily married with my three fur babies to keep us company.