One of the things that no one should ever miss out on is taking the ultimate road trip. Now, this isn’t actually about the distance you travel and is more a state of mind when you go. For some, this is a trip of California’s coast highway Route 1. Or perhaps the multi-state Route 66. Maybe you want to take a cross country trip to show you can do it. But even if you just go to the state next door to yours or a couple of hours away, don’t miss the unique opportunity to get out of Dodge and get a road trip adventure under your belt.

The first thing to decide is who to invite. Best rule of thumb is family and friends that you like to spend time with. You also really will not want a crowded car. So, keeping your road trip buddies limited to a total of 1 to 4 is ideal, with 4 being the top limit if you have a really big vehicle like a Chevrolet Silverado. Such trucks come with a truck bed in the back that can have many functions. You can either use that to store your luggage, or as a place to sit and enjoy the scenic beauty along the way. Either way, you would be better off with a truck bed cover (you might find some at, so as to prevent your clothes, luggage, or even the bed of your truck from getting dirty.

Remember, that a road trip is all about fun and you also want to be sure that the people you are inviting get along well together, not just with you. So, when you invite them, let them know exactly who else is invited. You really want a harmonious group to make the best road trip experience for everyone.

Next, you’ll want to choose where are you going? There are some classic road trip journeys as we’ve mentioned above. But another thing to consider is making your trip to go visit something specific, such as the Hollywood sign or the Grand Canyon. Part of this also depends on how long you are able to dedicate to your road trip. Most people will want to drive about 200 miles maximum each day. More than that and you’ll be so tired it will be too hard to really enjoy the trip.

Snacks are a critical part of any road trip experience, especially when you are traveling with children. If they are hungry, it becomes increasingly likely that they will get bored and play up, so looking at this guide to the best road trip snacks for kids is something that you will definitely need to read if you want a calm and relaxing journey. And you shouldn’t forget about packing snacks for yourself either. You really want to treat yourself when you start planning snacks for the road trip. Now is the time to get those chips you really like, as well as the cheese-covered pretzels too. You can never have enough snacks. Also, remember that on most road trips, you take turns driving. So, while you’re not driving, you are eating, socializing, and trying to entertain the kids. This is one of the best things about a road trip.

Don’t forget essentials when you take a road trip. While they may be boring, you’ll certainly enjoy it a lot more if you plan ahead a little. Consider bringing a few rolls of toilet paper, so if you make pit stops you know you’ve always got it. Or have a First Aid kit, so you’re prepared for little emergencies. Carry bottles of water, so everyone can stay hydrated, especially on hot days. Speaking of essentials, it might also be crucial to get your car checked before you start your road trip. You might want to visit an auto repair shop (look at this subaru repair lakewood for reference) to get the oil and the fluids checked. look for tire wear and if need be replace them as you don’t want to face any sort of vehicle problems during your journey.

You’ll also want to plan your fun stops along the way. This is one of the best things about a road trip. It’s not just about where you are going but getting there is most of the fun. So stopping to see unique local museums or places of interest, craft shows or to enjoy regional foods.

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