As annoying as it can be to have to adjust to new rules and regulations, introduced around motor vehicle ownership and driving out on the roads, anything other than a set of dynamically changing rules would suggest that the people over at the MOT aren’t quite doing their job. As time goes by, existing regulations need to be updated to ensure our safety as road users, but there’s no denying the fact that getting up-to-speed and ensuring you’re compliant likely has some cost implications.

So in line with the updated #DrivingIn2019 rules which have incorporated some changes to the MOT test, the Highway Code and even learning to drive, how does that affect your pocket?

Provider of automotive parts and repairs, Kwik Fit, has created an e-book which concisely explains the latest changes to the road rules. The MOT test service provider particularly noted some key areas which could have some kind of impact on the pockets of their customers and other road users, with the MOT test coming into focus as a potentially big expense factor.

There are five new MOT categories, namely: Dangerous, Major, Minor, Advisory and Pass. We’ll focus on the Dangerous category because that category likely carries the biggest cost potential, both in terms of how much it would cost to have the identified defects repaired and in terms of the punitive penalties you might have to pay should you be caught driving a vehicle that has failed its MOT test. If you drive your car while it carries what has been identified to be a dangerous fault, a fine of £2,500 could be levied, this in addition to having to take a three-points deduction on your licence.

However, as an experienced motor vehicle owner, chances are you know all about identifying defects while they’re still in their minor phase and dealing with them that early on, as this saves what would otherwise grow into some escalated costs of leaving the issue to become more serious. Such issues would fall under the Advisory category as part of the MOT test.

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