Dogs are highly energetic creatures and exercise is the best way to burn off their excess energy and to remain fit, active and healthy. Exercise is an important part of the dog’s health. Dogs have different exercise requirements based on their age and breed. If you know your pet well, you can determine how much exercise is enough for the dog. It does not follow the rule that bigger the dog, more exercise it wants.

Walking your dog

Age plays an important role in determining the amount of exercise your dog needs in order to fulfill the health requirements. Puppies should start with little walks and later to longer walks. It is important to note that exercising the dog is not only about physical exercise but it is also about keeping the dog healthy and keeping its weight in control. A well exercised body and mind will lead to a happier and healthier dog.

Walking your dog is an important exercise and it also teaches dog obedience. The dog will learn to follow simple commands, not to chase after cars and interact with the surroundings properly.

A regular exercise routine is a must

Everyday set aside a time for the dog’s exercise. It is important to schedule this time in order to ensure that the dog does not pull off or show negative behavior. Some dogs naturally have an overabundance of energy and need to remain occupied or could be bored and show negative behavior. It is important to optimize the health of the dog and to set a challenging routine for them just as humans do. Good health includes sufficient exercise which helps in maintaining the health and energy levels of the dog.


Dogs should be given a diet which is suitable as per the age and has all the nutrients necessary for a healthy life. No amount of nutrients or fiber should be in excess. In addition, the owner should also be aware about the dog allergies and the foods that cause an allergy to the dog.  There are various benefits of hypoallergenic dog food; it ensures that the food has a lesser tendency to provoke any allergy in the body or skin of the dog. The ingredients in hypoallergenic food include common allergens like wheat protein or soya, thereby minimizing the risk of an allergic reaction.

Benefits of specialized dog food

Dogs should be provided with hypoallergenic food so as to keep their skin and health in the best condition. It also helps the dog live longer. A dog can remain active and have a healthy life with a balanced diet and regular exercises. It is essential to identify the substance with which the dog has an allergy and the same can be avoided in the diet. The nutrients required by a dog should be carefully balanced through a healthy diet but it is important that there is no excess consumption of any particular food item.

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