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The best of two worlds may be what you’re looking for in a home for your family. And just when you may have given up hope of ever finding the perfect blend of a country living lifestyle in metropolitan Bangkok, there are now luxury houses in Bangna that offer those two worlds and much, much more. 

Everyone wants the best for their family. That can mean a beautiful spacious home surrounded by mature trees, lakes and wildlife. But many people also are tied to the big city of Bangkok. Bangkok may be where you practice your career. It also has the best schools for your children and the best cultural attractions, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in Thailand. Bangkok also may be where your extended family is located. 

There may be many reasons tying your family to the big city. But now, those reasons won’t be keeping you from living the way you’ve always wanted to live.

Welcome to Mulberry Grove at The Forestias

Bangna is home to a unique development called The Forestias. This is a sustainable development that encompasses four habitats within the boundaries of its 158-acre ecosystem, along with over 500 species of plants and animals.

It’s truly a community within a forest, yet it’s only minutes from downtown Bangkok. And your destination to discover the lifestyle within this natural habitat is Mulberry Grove. 

Explore the Luxury Homes of Mulberry Grove

The 4, 5, and 6-bedroom luxury homes of Mulberry Grove are reconfigurable according to the needs of you and your family. They are laid out with large, panoramic windows that provide an endless sense of the nature that surrounds the homes. 

They also are laid out in clusters. These clusters provide a sense of community and belonging. The clusters are also advantageous when family groups want to stay close to one another. 

The developers strongly believe that family is the root of true happiness, and these are large, spacious homes are designed for active families.  

Become a Part of a Family Lifestyle in a Natural Environment

When you purchase one of Mulberry Grove’s luxury homes, you also become a part of a family lifestyle. The lifestyle includes membership to the Mulberry Reserve Club, an exclusive club catering to families who want to relax or work out in privacy within the beautiful natural environment of The Forestias.

Enjoy the steam room or sauna after you’ve worked out in the Club’s Studio or Yoga Room. And your kids will love the Play Room with its many games and activities. End the afternoon beside the swimming pool, where you can stare out at the beauty of the trees while your kids play in the natural environment. 

Own the Best of Two Worlds

See how richly rewarding it can be to live a lifestyle that encompasses the best of both a country and city lifestyle. Contact MQDC today to learn more about their luxury houses in Bangna and how they can be everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your family.    

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