Your family home is heaven on earth. It’s the place where you get to experience sheer happiness and joy, creating memories to last a lifetime along the way. Nothing should ever come between that.

Unfortunately, the world can be a scary place sometimes. Every day, homes up and down the country get broken into. Not to mention, adverse weather conditions cause all kinds of damages to homes, particularly during winter.

All of this means that you need to keep your family home safe and secure for the sake of you and your children. With a safe and secure home, you can live happy and peaceful lives at home without having to worry about interferences from the outside!

Follow this 5-step guide to learn how.

  • Equip your home with CCTV and security alarms

The first – and most important step – you need to take is equipping your home with CCTV and security alarms. These will add a strong layer of security to your home that will help to deter would-be criminals.

Your CCTV cameras should be installed in your most sensitive areas. Of course, your front door should be one of these areas. When your cameras are in clear view, it sends an immediate message that your home is under surveillance and is well protected – which is something burglars tend to run away from!

To get the CCTV and security alarms, you need (as well as other equipment), go to

  • Install automatic front and backyard lights

If you have a front or backyard (or both), you should install automatic lights. This way, if any intruders attempt to strike at night, you’ll be made immediately aware and can warn your fellow neighbours. Even if your curtains are closed, the light should still be noticeable through your windows.

As of 2020, 52% of homeowners in England and Wales have external light sensors installed, which shows the popularity and effectiveness of this security measure.

  • Monitor your doors and windows

Keeping your family home safe is largely dependant on your monitoring of doors and windows. At night, windows should be securely shut, and you should always double-check that your doors are locked.

Also, if you live in a place that experiences extreme weather conditions, then it is likely that the windows have gone through significant wear and tear. Getting in touch with a local window replacement company should also be considered, so that any weathered windows can be replaced with stronger, safer ones.

Remember, it only takes one window to be left open or damaged for a burglar to pounce, so your morning and evening checks should never be forgotten!

  • Change your locks if keys get lost or misplaced

Is there a more frustrating feeling than losing your house keys? Probably not!

Whether you misplace them while out shopping or one of your children loses them while playing in the garden, you should replace your locks the same day to be on the safe side. After all, you never know if a potential burglar has got hold of the keys!

  • Prepare for challenging weather conditions

Each season brings its own weather conditions. Winter especially is a tough time for all homeowners.

Gutters can become clogged. Garden furniture can get damaged. Cracks in windows or window seals can worsen. Make sure to stay on top of these potential issues through constant monitoring and fixing.

Failure to maintain your home thoroughly during the winter leaves you more susceptible to damages – so stay on top of your game!

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