If you are moving house or remortgaging then you will need to source a conveyancing expert to manage your legal property transaction. Just like car insurance you can now utilise a comparison website but watch out for low headline pricing and websites that want your personal details upfront if you are at budgeting stage.

Focus on Conveyancing Service For A Fair Price

The top questions to ask any Conveyancing Solicitor are:-

  1. Do you have capacity to take on my case?
  2. Can I have a fixed fee conveyancing quote so that I know where I stand?
  3. What happens if I need to pull out of the transaction, are my costs covered?
  4. If I need to hit an urgent exchange of contracts deadline do you have access to faster property searches?
  5. When I instruct can I book a timed call back?
  6. How do you update me on my sales progression?
  7. At what stage do you advise when I can move to exchange of contracts?
  8. What do you need from me to begin the conveyance?
  9. Does your Search pack include a chancel search?
  10. What other costs are involved that will be extra to the quotation?

If you need answers to any of the above before instructing a Solicitor when moving house or remortgaging then choose a Conveyancing comparison website that also has a helpline such as Homebuyer Conveyancing. You can call them on 0345 463 7664

Make Progress On Conveyancing With Homebuyer In Seconds

You can make progress right now on establishing the cost of conveyancing by visiting the Homebuyer Conveyancing website. This website lets you browse the many quotes with the advantage that you can filter results by price, location and by Mortgage Lender without disclosing your personal details.

In addition you can instruct a Solicitor firm that has capacity to take on your case 24/7 together with the option to book a timed direct call back.

The purchase quotations include a search pledge which covers your property search costs should you need to pull out through no fault of your own. You get another set of searches for Free for your next property.

The quotes are fixed fee and cover your legal fess and disbursement costs with no hidden extras. They even include a chancel search.

You get so much from Homebuyer and when you are ready you can revisit the website to take a quote away.

They operate a strict no spam process with that personal touch.

Conveyancing Savings For Sure!

Everyone loves to save money and Homebuyer provides the tools for you to compare like for like quotes. Your trusted source to make an informed decision on who to instruct.

Simplicity Worked For Us

We loved the simplicity and of course the fact that we didn’t get inundated with cold calls or emails from Solicitors wanting our business. We wanted a Solicitor that could access faster searches. That was important as our Local Authority had a back log which could have cost us a delayed or failed sale and purchase transaction.

It’s worth noting that you should always check that your chosen Solicitor can act for your Mortgage Lender. Homebuyer Conveyancing had this covered. We could compare sale and purchase conveyancing quotes by our approved Mortgage Lender.

We were also remortgaging a Buy to Let and we were offered free legals. Our Broker confirmed that the mortgage rate had to be taken up within 6 weeks. We decided not use free legals as we had read in the press that many Investors had missed out on preferential deals. We used a Homebuyer Solicitor that was confident in managing our transaction in just 4 weeks. We did it and all our deals completed.

Exchange Of Contracts – Safe Zone

When remortgaging, selling or buying property the safe zone is when you get to exchange of contracts. This is where all parties sign and become legally bound to complete.

If you want your property deal to go through then reduce your risks by using a Solicitor that has the experience to fight your corner. To get to exchange as fast as is possible and who provides a fixed fee quote before you instruct.

Someone that will truly take the strain. Instruct a Solicitor when you place your property on the market for sale and before offer acceptance stage when you are buying property.

Don’t forget if you are unsure who to use then call the Homebuyer Helpline noted above.

Reduce the risk of a failed transaction by having a moving checklist and be prompt when key professionals need signed documentation from you.

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