Summer isn’t too far away now and it is the perfect time to start planning activities with the family. Start planning now because the closer holidays come the harder it gets to buy tickets for certain events/attractions.

However, there are places to go and things to see if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

First of all, decide how far you’re willing to travel, see what attractions there are within one or two hours drive if you don’t want to make too long of a journey. The possibilities are almost endless, so here are a couple of options for the upcoming summer months.

Cities and Towns

The UK has amazing cities and towns along the whole length of the country, making it an ideal destination to explore cities and towns with family. There’s always beautiful history and stunning views, no matter which part of the country you are in. From the quintessential English cities, such as Winchester, Middlesbrough, and York, to amazing music scenes like Liverpool or Manchester, there’s something for everyone. If you are looking to take full advantage of exploring the cities with your family, consider participating in a city tour to gain a comprehensive understanding of the city’s cultural diversity. For a convenient and enjoyable day out, reach out to transportation companies that provide minibus hire Middlesbrough or your local area. These firms can offer comfortable transport solutions tailored to the size of your family, allowing you to concentrate on the sights and sounds of the city and ensuring a delightful and stress-free day. And with plenty of music and art festivals to pick and choose from, including the free-of-charge Liverpool International Music Festival, there are endless opportunities for creating lasting memories with your family.

uk town


Norfolk may not always be everyone’s first choice of a summer day out, but if you live within driving distance then take a look at its towns and villages with great pubs and shops.

It also offers a roller coaster from the 1920’s and a horse carousel which was opened in 1901. There is also a swinging pirate ship – a great attraction for kids.

There is a sandy beach for relaxing and walks, with different meal options on the way or in a local pub. Sometimes the simple, traditional attractions are the best.

Blackpool Beach

Blackpool is a Blue Flag beach, where the family can relax in the sun and go swimming. There is ice-cream and fun rides on the resort, such as ‘’The Big One”, which is the tallest roller coaster in Europe.

Blackpool’s three piers offer sights and walks like no other beach in the country.

Blackpool, UK

From Beaches in Blackpool to Mines in Cumbria

One of the jewels in the UK crown – the Lake District offers a wide array of places to see. Honister Slate Mine in Cumbria is definitely a must visit.

As one of the last working slate mines, visitors are offered amazing views and mountain activities.

It is open daily from nine to five, but the tours and activities should be booked in advance.


Perhaps simply walking around and enjoying the sunshine is not really your thing. Besides, museums are becoming more and more fun for children as well as adults.

Some of the most amazing museums in the UK are free of charge. North Yorkshire’s National Railway Museum was established in 1975 and is fun for everyone – even if they’re not into trains! The Japanese bullet train and Queen Victoria’s carriage are just two of the highlights in the museum. It is a family friendly place with a play area outside for the kids.

The museum is open from ten to five during the summer months, and you don’t need to book before arriving.

National Railway Museum

If you’re close to Cambridgeshire, the Imperial War Museum might be worth checking out for its five hangar display of aircraft, a Battle of Britain exhibition, tanks and military vehicles of different shapes and sizes.

There is also a new American Air Museum which tells visitors about the cooperation between American and English forces from WWI up to the modern day. It re-opened in March and now welcomes visitors every day from ten to four with no need to book a tour.

An Endless Choice

The UK has so much to offer for fun days out and summer nights. Discover places near you or venture further afar for a change of scenery. Museums, trains and even buses offer discounts and seasonal tickets are also available for more serious explorers.


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