Having a campervan is perfect for heading out on road trips, exciting adventures, and summer holidays, and it’s a great way to travel with a group whilst being able to stay together throughout the trip. Campervans are designed to be the go-to vehicle for traveling, but you often find that the standard camper designs can be a little restricting at times. You can alter your campervan in a few ways to make it more liveable and much easier to travel in. For instance, you can attach a 4WD awning to your camper’s roof, which can be used as a shed to sit under during traveling. You can explore the best 4wd awnings by doing a web search on the various options available in the market. Similarly, you can accomplish a few basic changes to improve your camper as well as your traveling experience.

Hard Flooring

The very first thing you should take into account when trying to create a welcoming and liveable camper is the flooring. Whilst many people like to have carpets in their campervans to make the space cosier, it’s not the most practical material when trying to utilise all of the space you have, as it can be quite restricting. Hard flooring is ideal for campers that want to accommodate more than one or two people, as it enables you to move things around with ease, as well as giving you more space for certain items to fit. You also find that hard flooring is much easier to maintain and care for, which will make your cleaning time much shorter than it would be with carpet. There’s so much choice when it comes to hard flooring for your camper, with laminate and vinyl options coming in a variation of colours and textures, so it’s always beneficial to look around properly to find the perfect style for your vehicle.

Swivel Seats

If there’s one thing that all campers should have, it’s a swivel mechanism for the front seats. The cabin space within your campervan is often limited, but when you are using the main body of the camper, the cabin space is wasted. Being able to spin the two front seats around to face the rest of the camper is ideal for opening up the space, utilising the cabin area and also providing extra seating to accommodate everyone travelling in the camper. Swivel seats are a very popular feature within the campervanning world, so you can rest assured you’ll find Ford Transit seats, VW T5 seats and so on, to suit any type of camper model. If you’re unsure with the fitting of the swivel mechanism, then take your camper to your local garage and they should be able to help you fit your seats properly.

Built-In Storage

One of the hardest things when travelling by campervan is making sure everything you need for the duration of your trip is stored away neatly and efficiently. You don’t want to have to worry about boxes being piled up in the living spaces, and if you don’t have the right storage for your bits and bobs then you’ll end up having all sorts piled up and getting in the way. Built-in storage is exactly what you need in your camper, as it utilises the spare space within the vehicle, whilst still looking stylish and fitting in with the campers’ overall design. Built-in storage is also a discreet feature, which is perfect when you want to feel relaxed and not have to worry about seeing all of your clothing and other items squashed together to fit into one small space. Since the space in a campervan is usually less, it could be a herculean task to design adequate spaces perfectly. For accurate interior design of your campervan, you can use van design software (if interested, check the van design software review).

Cut Back on Packing

This isn’t anything you can do to your vehicle itself to make it more liveable, but it’s something you can be aware of and keep in mind when preparing for your trip. Packing is a difficult process no matter where you’re going, as you have to decide exactly what you need and how much you need to see you through the trip. Focus on packing essential items, with a few other pieces if necessary. The aim is to pack as little as possible, so that you can keep your camper clean and tidy without bombarding it with lots of clothing and so on. The great thing about travelling in a camper is that you can do hand washing, so you don’t have to pack as many clothes, and you can also travel to the shop if necessary, so you can always buy things as and when you need them.

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