With Easter approaching quickly there is no time like the present to start thinking of easter gifts to share with your loved ones. Remember too that it can be very rewarding to break out the arts and crafts and make some gorgeous gifts tailored for your friends and family.  From personalized easter gifts to simple, but delicious, chocolate boxes, there are many ways to show someone your love. Easter gifts are a great way to make this day special. No matter what your beliefs are, it is a nice way to spend time with your family and enjoy each other’s company. 

Children’s Gifts

Easter is an eagerly anticipated time for many children. The idea of chocolate, sweets and easter games puts it up there in the running alongside Christmas. Many families will stage an Easter egg hunt around the house or garden. Level up a traditional scavenger hunt with delicious chocolate as the prize. Why not make it even more exciting for the kids with their personalized easter boxes. These are simple but gorgeous gifts. All you need is an egg carton, paint and some glitter. Use an old egg box and decorate it with your children’s names, they can then use these to collect their Easter eggs. The personalized touch will make the prize that much sweeter.

Personalized Eggs 

Another gift idea could be personalized eggs. These can either be edible or eggs that people can use as ornaments. 

For the ornaments, the trick is to blow eggs and then decorate them. Blowing eggs is messy but a lot of fun. All you need to do is create two tiny holes at either tip of the egg. Once these have been made you blow hard into the egg, eventually its contents will come out. Once everything inside the egg is out, wash the hollow shells out and dry them. Once they are dry you can personalize them with arts and crafts supplies. These make for gorgeous gifts for all the family. 

For the chocolate eggs, buy a bog-standard chocolate egg from your local supermarket. Unwrap it and add edible decoration. For example, melt white chocolate and use a piping bag to add writing and pictures to your original egg. These little touches can make someone’s easter egg so much more exciting. Something the whole family can enjoy. 

Speciality Chocolates 

If you are not one for arts and crafts, or you know that someone in your family has very specific tastes, there is no harm buying a gift instead. There are many eggs and speciality chocolate treats out there. Why not spice things up with some Vegan chocolate; people love trying new things and speciality vegan chocolates can be very enticing. There is something very special about receiving a gorgeous box of handcrafted chocolates. It is a gift that everyone can share and enjoy. 

Make Easter all that more enjoyable with a selection of perfect gifts for your loved ones. From personalized eggs to a tray of vegan chocolate bites, the options are endless. 

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Written by Kitty

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