Christmas is just around the corner. Many of us are dreading the holiday season, trying to find the latest Christmas Sale for the hottest tech gadget or that must-have toy. But the holidays don’t have to be about stressful shopping and maxing out credit cards. Let’s tackle some of the ugly truths about buying holiday gifts and discover easy solutions to make your shopping season stress-free!

Maxing Out the Christmas Budget

Perhaps one of the hardest truths about shopping during the holidays is the stress of maxing out your budget. Follow one of the top holiday shopping trends of 2018 and conquer your Christmas gift list early. In fact, it’s never too early to start buying your gifts. Shop online for the best deals now. What are the benefits of early shopping? First, you will be beat out any of the crazy mobs during busy shopping times. Secondly, you can give yourself time to wait out sales. For example, jump in on buying toys and costumes during after-Halloween clearance sales or buy next year’s ugly Christmas sweaters when online stores are desperate to clear out holiday merchandise.

Another benefit of buying early is that you avoid the high costs of overnight shipping. Instead, you can take advantage of delivery specials or just opt for cheaper shipping options. If you start shopping for Christmas during the summer, you can stock up on items during hot sales. If you have family members or close friends that have regular hobbies or sports interests like golf, you can get them a budget option like golf simulators or similar items as gifts. You can also look out for sales on art supplies, tech gadgets, golf clubs, and more throughout the year instead of waiting until the last minute.

Running Out of Time

We have all been there. The office Christmas party is tonight and you forgot to buy a gift for the gift exchange. Or maybe you have a dozen nieces and nephews and forgot to buy a gift for one. Maybe you have a neighbor that surprised you with a special Christmas candle or an acquaintance who give you a holiday gift unexpectedly. What do you do when you don’t have the time to run out for a gift? Avoid the embarrassment of being that person that never gives a gift.

There is an easy way to avoid running out of time when you need a gift in a pinch! Keep a secret Christmas stash in your closet. Clear out your closet and buy a few inexpensive plastic bins. Label them with tags like “children’s gifts”, “gifts for him”, and “gifts for her”. During the year, keep an eye out for specials on generic holiday gifts like stuffed toys, candles, adorable trinkets, ties, and tech gadgets. Don’t overstock this secret stash. Keep what you think you will need this season. Save holiday bags, leftover wrapping paper, and bows for quick wrapping. When a holiday event comes up or you are expected to bring a gift to a church function or a family party, quickly wrap a gift from your secret holiday stash. But, what if it’s for someone a lot closer, and the secret stash just doesn’t feel like enough for that special someone? Maybe they just slipped your mind, or maybe you agreed not to buy each other gifts, and they have given in so you feel like you need to get them something back. In this case, it’s time for something customized, a Spotify Night Light for example. It has to be something special to them, but arrives quickly in time for Christmas. That is why these kinds of gifts are perfect – all you have to do is look online, there is something out there for everyone!

Annoying Salespeople

We all hate shopping in stores and being hounded by eager salespeople. Whether you are shopping for expensive perfumes or a new netbook, stores with higher end items tend to be stocked with pushy salespeople. And yes, selling stuff is their job, but sometimes you can be pressured into buying an overpriced item that you really don’t need. How do you avoid them?

Buy online. If it is an item that you want to test out in person, buy the item using your smartphone after you leave the store. See if the pricing of the product in the store is comparable to deals online. Use this to negotiate a better price with the salesperson or simply buy the item online with a swipe and a tap. Enjoy your holiday shopping this year by avoiding some of the worst annoyances of the Christmas season.

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