Your home is a direct reflection on your personality, but you may not realise the colours you choose in each room can influence your mood. Selecting the right hues when decorating is an important step that shouldn’t be overlooked or hastily done.

How do you choose the best colours for each room in your property?

Living Room

The heart of the home, the living room is where everyone gathers. Bright walls are an excellent way to add liveliness, so try some daring hues like coral, turquoise, or lilac. The key to creating a comfortable space is balance – neutral furniture can help tone it down, so you or your guests aren’t overwhelmed with bold colours. Luluna has some neutral pieces to offset any loud colours while still staying on trend.

  • Stay away from: Mixing too many patterns! You want a cohesive look for the most used room in the house


Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Choose a colour scheme that is uplifting yet relaxing, because a good night’s sleep is essential. Pastels like sky blue, light green, lavender, and taupe are perfect for this. Paired with either white or dark furniture, these colours are sure to make you feel cosy any time.

  • Stay away from: Bright reds, oranges, and neon. These colours can induce anxiety or angst, which aren’t the best when trying to unwind.


Usually the smallest room in the home, bathrooms can be tricky to decorate. Grey is a versatile colour, adding spaciousness, so whether it’s a light shade or a darker, more dramatic tint, it’s a great choice to open up your space. Add some fun, eye-catching accents to make your bathroom just as exciting as the rest of the house.

  • Stay away from: All-white decor. This trend is outdated and bland, and there are too many options for pops of excitement to ignore.


Your kitchen should inspire you and your family. Warm, uplifting colours are sure to brighten up this main room. Choosing yellow or orange hues for your walls are said to stimulate appetites while energising the space. Splashes of green can pair nicely, especially with white or wood accents. Houseplants work well here to add a spark of life.

  • Stay away from: Dark shades like forest green and black, unless your kitchen gets a lot of natural light. You want your kitchen to feel airy, not drab.

Dining Room

The dining room is reserved for family mealtimes for special events, holidays, and celebrations, so ideally, this room should be kept warm. Chocolate brown, rustic orange and deep red invoke that homey feeling. These colours pair beautifully with white accents to make the space feel classic and cosy.

  • Stay away from: Brown walls and brown furniture. You don’t want your beautiful decor to get lost in the space.

Home Office

Daring colours can be a productive choice for a home office or library, so it might be beneficial to your productivity if you were to choose these colours when shopping around online with office monster or the likes. Deep browns and reds like burgundy and crimson can be powerful and enticing, but be careful not to overdo it. Deep blues, greens, and purples can achieve the same outcome, as cool colours are associated with creativity and calm. Pops of white can liven up the space as well, so don’t be afraid of white furniture or wall fixtures.

  • Stay away from: Bright red walls. Bright red is known for causing anxiety and even anger, so you’ll want to avoid using these hues in a room meant for thought and productivity.
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Written by Kitty

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