Kitchen remodeling continues to rise in the market even though it is one of the most expensive and time-consuming renovations in a house. In 2021, the average cost to fully remodel a kitchen for American households is $20,000 and could go all the way up to $50,000.

Don’t lose hope! There are still ways to remodel your kitchen with an affordable concept. There are available kitchen ideas that can prove that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make an elegant new kitchen look.

If you aim to have a budget-friendly kitchen design, here are the top 10 kitchen remodeling ideas worth the cost, according to top realtors:

1. Keep the same floor plan.

Before you pick what kitchen design to use, it is always advisable to maintain the same floor plan. Keep the existing piping and utility layout where these are to help decrease the cost, not unless it’s necessary.

2. Consider DIY.

Labor costs amount to 20-35% of your entire budget. Identifying which kitchen features should undergo remodeling through DIY can cut your overall costs.

3. Standard versus customized.

Try not to be deceived with the custom-built designs available in the market that will do the same as standard fit designs. Explore various options by searching online or visiting events like Panda Kitchen & Bath Expo to learn about the latest cabinet designs and countertops available in the market. However, be wise in deciding!

4. Pause, assess, think.

The main reason why homeowners want to remodel their kitchen is to improve functionality. It’s easy to update your kitchen without spending too much; try to inspect your kitchen features if they can be remedied by deep cleaning, replacing hardware, or repainting.

5. Simple backsplash.

A backsplash brings out the beauty of the kitchen. It does not have to be worth thousands of dollars. It’s advisable to install an inexpensive tile backsplash behind the cooktop that costs way cheaper than standard backsplashes.

6. Plants.

The simplest way to make your kitchen look new and fresh is to incorporate plants for aesthetics. Those were the days when the recommended designs involve expensive furniture. Plants are the trend!

7. Consider painting.

The simplest way to transform the look of a kitchen is to repaint it. It is an easy and cheap way to make the kitchen look brighter and feel newer. Just make sure it complements your kitchen fixtures!

8. Lighting fixtures.

Do not limit your kitchen with simple lights. Incorporate the use of ‘task lights’ to make your kitchen look more appealing – easy to install and inexpensive.

9. Repair sink grout.

Problems with sink grouts might probably be one of the most common kitchen issues. Repairing your sink grout now with a few bucks would be better than installing a new pricey sink feature in the future.

10. Think twice.

Kitchen remodeling involves discarding old equipment and utilities. Think again if eliminating something is necessary to avoid spending too much on buying new items or features.


The key to making your kitchen remodeling practical is to set your priorities and budget. Weigh in all possible pros and cons in every decision. Be wise in spending every dollar with your design while keeping the quality and efficiency at its finest. Consult a professional for more specific steps on making your kitchen remodeling more efficient!

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