It’s always a nice touch to surprise someone who’s just started living in a new home with a thoughtful gift. Of course, depending on your relationship with this person, you’ll probably be able to guess whether more cool and unique or practical and functional gifts are appropriate. And if you really put some effort into this housewarming gift, you won’t even need to choose sides as you can give your friend/relative/colleague the best of both worlds. Need some ideas about the most effective housewarming gifts that will still allow for some creativity? Then keep on reading.

1. A luscious plant

Giving someone a plant as a housewarming gift may not be too unusual, but there’s a good reason why plants make for great housewarming gifts. For starters, not many people get round to enriching their new space with greenery. However, the presence of plants is essential for a person’s well-being. Furthermore, a gorgeous plant can beautify the space. That said, you have plenty of options to choose an interesting plant and even get more creative with your choice of a plant pot. Even such a common housewarming gift can be made more special with customization. Not to mention that you can mix different plants in one pot or a terrarium.

2. Textured gifts

So, what exactly are these textured gifts? Well, adding warmth is always necessary when it comes to creating a pleasant and cozy home. This is why more texture is always welcome. You can pick various things. For instance, you may choose to go with nice bed sets. On the other hand, you may find sofa covers or a decorative pillow more interesting. You can even get the most beautiful Moroccan rugs if you know that the homeowner will really benefit from such a gift. Whatever the case, textures allow you to pick and choose between various patterns and designs, which then leaves room for creative expression as well.

3. The scented goods

Everybody loves a nice and pleasant scent, especially in their home. In that sense, getting incense sticks and scented candles paired with cool candlesticks and incense burners can definitely make someone’s day. Of course, you might feel insecure about this gift as not all people love all scents equally. But, this shouldn’t be too big of a problem these days. After all, there are always those “safe” scents that the majority of people love since they simply smell clean, fresh and soothing.

4. A dish/cutlery set

When people move into a new home, they often take their sweet time to stock up on the necessary kitchen utensils. In the end, there’s always something more important to buy. This is why looking into some modern and efficient dish and/or cutlery sets would definitely be a thoughtful and functional gift; but, this can also be an interesting and cool gift thanks to a variety of different designs available today, even for kitchen utensils. Metal dishes (copper, silver, rose gold, etc.) and cutlery have been really popular recently, so don’t hesitate to check these out. However, if you choose to go down a more quirky route, you could opt for Custom Wood Cutting Boards with the family name (of the recipient’s) engraved on it, to give it a more personalized feel.

5. A gift card for the home equipment store

In the end, you might feel really unsure about several different gift options – they all may seem great. In that case, it may be the best solution to simply get the person who’s just moved into their new home a gift card by a great home equipment store. You can always personalize this kind of a gift with a nice note, too. But, if you’re someone who really wouldn’t know how to decide what to get, this is definitely a great way to show your support without fault.

The important thing is to listen carefully – if you can, obviously. When someone close to you is moving into a new home, pay attention to what they have to say about their décor preferences as well as the things that they miss in their daily life, and you’re bound to find the perfect gift for them.

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Written by Kitty

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