Every dog owner wants to keep their dog happy and healthy, but this is not always straightforward, particularly if you do not have much experience in being a dog owner. In theory, keeping a dog healthy should not be too hard as it is not too different from looking after yourself, but in practice, it is difficult because dogs do not understand the importance of exercise and a healthy diet and would happily eat all day if they could! So, if you are planning on getting a dog or simply looking to improve the health of your beloved pet, then read on for a few basic tips.

Prioritize Exercise

First, you need to make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise, and this will depend on its size and age. Walks are the best way to do this, and you should be taking your dog for at least one walk every day with no exceptions. This can be tricky to fit in, but it is so important for your dog’s health and happiness, so it should be made a part of your routine. If you can’t walk it yourself, you could also use the services of a professional dog walker. Additionally, if your dog still seems to have a lot of energy even after a walk, then you should play with it to help keep it happy and healthy. All the walking and exercise will help keep your dog’s bowel movement healthy. Sometimes your dog might go while on the walk, so it’s best to have dog poo bags and dispensers in hand. You can visit websites like https://poocrew.com/product-category/poo-bags/ that have good quality dog waste removal products.

Be Strict With Food

Food is often the area that owners struggle with, and it can certainly be difficult when dogs beg and give you those puppy dog eyes. You need to be strict, though, and make sure that you are feeding them a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet suitable for their age and size and not food off of your own plate. In terms of treats, you can find healthy and Natural Dog Treats that can improve their overall and dental health, keep their weight down, and have the same effect of giving them a non-healthy treat.

Take To The Vet Annually

It is also good practice to take the dog to the vet annually and always if it is having a health issue. A veterinarian will be able to check over the dog, identify any health issues and give you advice on what you can be doing to improve the dog’s health and happiness. 

Dog-Proof Your Home

One of the main reasons that dogs end up being rushed to the vet is that they have eaten something that they shouldn’t have done. This is why every dog owner needs to dog-proof their home, which could involve making sure that medications and cleaning items are not reachable, having bins with lids on, and using gates to restrict access. 

Know Warning Signs

Dogs cannot tell you when there is something wrong, which is why you need to know the warning signs. A change in behavior, such as aggression, can be a sign of a health issue along with excessive licking and chewing, weight loss, discharge, change in eating and toilet habits, and vomiting.

These tips should help you to improve the health and overall happiness of your dog and hopefully help to create a stronger bond.

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Written by Kitty

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