Whoever it was who said there is a market for everything under the sun really wasn’t lying, because there really is! In fact, if one takes the time to really drill down to the core of some niches then they’re likely to discover some great opportunities with which to run a successful and profitable lifestyle business at worst.

In focus, this time around is something of a rather bizarre trend, which is that of the celebration of divorces as opposed to mourning them as the traditionally messy, tie-severing events they’ve understandably been associated with over the years. Moreover, with the new law of no fault divorce that has recently come into existence, divorces seem to have become a thing to celebrate rather than mourn. The monetization part is perhaps what’s even more interesting about this trend, but when one takes a closer look at the various markets which spawn out of the trend then it only serves to make logical business sense.

Zoning in on the trend

The reasons for a once happily married couple (or otherwise) seeking to make their separation official in the eyes of the law, and in some cases in the eyes of their religious beliefs, can make for the subject matter of an entire online encyclopaedia, so we won’t get into any of those now. However, the common denominator of those reasons is often shown to be that of both parties agreeing that divorce (family law specialists such as peters and may could prove useful for the ones in need of legal counsel) is the best solution to whatever irreconcilable problems they would have been dealing with. As much as there would be quite a bit of bitterness, the divorce party trend seeks to throw a positive spin on what is otherwise a sad event.

As a result people hold divorce parties, which take a number of different formats, from inviting friends and family of both parties and essentially hosting one party, to hosting different parties at different events, and perhaps even at different times.

This is all very progressive and it’s about time too, given how the divorce rate seems to be rising instead of plummeting, having already been quite high for some time, at around 50%.

The niches around divorce parties

There was always a case for the divorce law market to be a specialised one, given the historically high divorce rate, but now more than ever, the fact that you can head to the offices of a specialist Mesa Divorce Attorney and find that yours will be one of many cases to be dealt with says a lot about how many other niche services can spawn from the traditional service of divorce law. And so they do.

I know of an e-commerce store owner who has isolated the divorce party niche to sell their products and services to, which range from so-called divorce gowns (which are basically a cheap mock-costume of a wedding gown) to “divorce MCs” who are to show up and basically “undo” the work that someone ordained to marry the divorcing couple did in making their union official.

It’s a lot less sinister than it appears though, with the idea behind it being that we’re celebrating the fact that we were both mature enough to realize that our lives would be better apart. You’re essentially celebrating the good times you had together and the good intentions you hopefully had.

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