You know the type of person, impossible to buy for and not happy with the sentimentality that most gifts are actually offering. They want something useful, highly practical and some might argue not too exciting. If you have to give a gift for somebody that fits that description you might be racking your brain to think of ideas. Look no further, here are some incredibly practical present ideas. Not everybody would be happy with them, but that special type will be as thrilled as they can be.

A Soda Stream (or equivalent)

Not all practical people are into sparkling water (it’s not quite as practical as still), but if you’re lucky enough to know somebody that is then a water carbonator will be a perfect gift. It also allows you to buy them the unbearably practical present of refill bottles – how fun!

A sleep mask

Sleep masks are underrated, and that is largely because of over-exposure to cheap airline sleep masks that don’t particularly work. Your friend will be thrilled when you present them with an uber-luxurious sleep mask that lets not a single ray of light disturb their sleeping eye.

An apron that hides stains

You can easily get an apron that looks beautiful and complements the chef’s aesthetics, but that’s not quite enough for a practical person. However, an apron that trades the elegance of light colours for the dark’s ability to hide stains will be well appreciated for its utility.

A personalised luggage Tag

This is great for the person that still appreciates a bit of sentimentality but not at the cost of practicality. A personalised luggage tag offers the frequent traveller some security and can look very proper and neat.

A paid-for deep clean

This is probably the most practical present of all and needs to be given delicately so the recipient doesn’t think you’re insulting their hygiene, but it’s not often that people get their house deep cleaned. The experience of a beautifully clean house can be the gift that keeps on giving. You can even give this gift in different ways. One year you could give a thorough window clean and the next you can acquaint them with the best carpet cleaners South East London can provide. The opportunities are vast.

A label maker

The practical person will likely love to be organised. What better way to achieve this than with a label maker?

A strong and stable umbrella

There are few things worse than an umbrella that doesn’t stand up in high winds. If your friend is particularly practical, they may have commented on the flimsiness of their own umbrella. If they have made this complaint to you, seize the opportunity – it’s not very often you can get away with a gift as boring as this.

A blanket that can fit in your pocket

The pocket blanket is an incredible feat of blanket engineering. It is tiny when folded up, and can be carried around with ease, but is a fully functioning large blanket when unfolded!

Few of these presents are particularly suited for your average person’s birthday or Christmas present, but that’s okay – these aren’t for them. These are for that special person in your life that is happier to receive a pair of socks than a bag of chocolates or a bottle of champagne.

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Written by Kitty

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