For years hotels have relied heavily on their loyalty programs to improve their search engine rankings and drive more bookings.

Due to this loyalty hotel goers have zoned in on what they look for in a perfect stay and how they can elevate their time there by choosing ones that cater to their needs. Because of this data, businesses who construct hotels are taking into account what customers want and how best to fit into these requirements. These types of hotel plans can take a while, however, there is a solution in the form of modular hotels from companies like so they can be built quickly ready for the influx of tourists, travellers, holidayers, etc. who have the potential to become loyal.

The loyalty program strategy worked because it offered hoteliers a way to leverage direct customer relationships and expertise to build positive relationships with the next generation of consumers.

However, as more consumers get internet access via mobile devices, having loyalty programs is no longer effective. It’s not like with redeeming the best casino bonus you found online, which is much easier.

Consumers no longer wait for a hotel to call or email to arrange a room. Instead, they are booking directly through online platforms like Hotel Rooms Today, and

This creates challenges for hotel loyalty programs, which are no longer relevant to the internet-savvy customer.

Many hotels have been forced to invest millions of dollars into promoting their brands.

Yet they still don’t have any control over how that marketing impacts the way their hotels are viewed on online review sites like TripAdvisor.

This has led hoteliers to question the value of their existing loyalty programs.

What Is the Difference Between These Hotel Booking Platforms?

According to the above review, TripAdvisor is the most popular booking platform.

So if your hotel stays highly rated, this is a great booking platform for your hotel to be listed.

However, other booking platforms have more significant mobile capabilities.

Platforms like offer a convenient booking option through the hotel website.

When you book through the hotel website, you get to read the entire hotel website description and even set up a room in advance.

When you book through a booking platform like, you get to manage your entire booking in one step, which means you can have your hotel information right on your phone or tablet.

Whereas if you book through Hotel Rooms Today, Hotel Rooms Today can guide you to a mobile booking platform like

In some cases, hoteliers have actually moved their entire booking operations away from their loyalty programs to online booking platforms like However, they do have other internal solutions like cloud based pms to organise the day-to-day business operations.

Some hotels who’ve made this decision have spent millions of dollars on their online marketing campaign in order to promote themselves to a larger audience and gain more bookings.

If you use a hotel booking platform, be sure to keep up with any changes in mobile booking trends.

Similarly, make sure your loyalty program recognizes these changes. If you don’t, you could lose your high hotel room bookings to the newer online booking platforms.

How to Find A Hotel Room Through Hotel Booking Platforms

When searching for a hotel room online, do you prefer to use the hotel loyalty program’s website to book?

Or do you prefer to use an online booking platform like to book your hotel room?

If you’re skeptical of hotel loyalty programs, you can actually find your hotel room using an online hotel booking platform that’s in direct partnership with your hotel loyalty program.

There are several options for booking hotel rooms through hotel loyalty programs.

But as you may have already guessed, none of them are as effective as booking a hotel room directly through your hotel loyalty program.

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