When getting birthday or Christmas gifts, it can difficult to know what to buy for the average person. You want to get them a gift that they would find useful or interesting, but that can be a challenge when you’re unsure about their hobbies and interests. That difficulty increases tenfold when that person partakes in more extreme pastimes and lives a more adventurous lifestyle that you may know nothing about. You obviously want to buy them someone related to this niche, however, by doing so, you run the risk of getting them something they already have, something that isn’t quality, or in a lot of cases, something which just doesn’t suit them.

The best approach for buying for these types of people is to get them something completely different and unexpected. Adventurers always want to try something new, so your gifts should be a prompt to help them explore a new activity or pastime. This means that stuff like classes or workshops can be a huge hit; however, you want to ensure that you haven’t signed them up for something that they may not feel is exciting – most adventurers don’t want to spend 3 hours in a live drawing class.

Here are some quality ideas that are sure to get the most seasoned of daredevils squealing in excitement.

Concert Tickets

Pretty much everyone on this planet enjoys music. Some may like it fast and explosive, while others opt for classical or calm orchestral symphonies, but regardless, if you know what this person’s favourite type of music is, then a concert ticket may be the way to go. This suits the more daring of individuals because some people may be put off by the crowds and intimidated by the live experience; however, we’re certain that the adventurer in your life would relish this experience and thrive in such an environment.

To make it more up their alley, you could splash out on a festival ticket, which means they’ll be able to enjoy multiple days of music and other commodities while mucking it out by camping each night, which is something that may not suit everyone but will definitely be of interest to this venturous person.

Get Them a Vape

Vaping has become extremely popular among alternative society and is practiced mostly because of the plethora of unbelievable flavours that users have access to. There are many different ways to engage with vaping, through buying different kits that can range from pens to mod kits, and there are even different techniques on how to smoke them.

Vaping an excellent option for those who may already smoke as it’s considerably healthier, more socially acceptable, and due to the wide array of delicious e-liquid flavours, many find it more enjoyable.

There’s even the option for them to get into the pastime known as vape tricks, which is where people manipulate the water vapour to create interesting tricks such as blowing rings and swirling patterns. There’s a lot to learn about vaping, so it’s important to do the research to make sure you’re confident that this is the perfect gift.

Extreme Sports

If the adventurous person in your life is more of an adrenaline junkie, then getting them a gift that allows them to partake in something extreme is a great option. There are a lot of routes you can do down with this type of gift. You can pay for an experience like bungee jumping or skydiving, or you can buy them the equipment they need to get started with an activity, like a skateboard and safety gear.

If you’re thinking about either of these options, be sure to quiz this person before any purchase, to try and gauge what in particular they’re interested in. You may find that they’ve already done a few of these things, which is likely considering the type of person they are and may be in no rush to do any of them again. You may also find that they’re really desperate to give a specific thing a try, which can help inform what you get. Do not worry about these discussions potentially ruining the surprise, as with these types of gifts, it’s always better to be sure and confident that it’s going to be enjoyed as they can be a little expensive.

Book Them a Tattoo Appointment

An individual would appreciate this type of gift, especially if they have a design in mind and have been saving to get one. Make sure you do your research before booking anything, as you want to ensure that the establishment you’re sending your loved one to is of a good quality and would do a good job. You want to be certain that the person is 100% certain that they want another tattoo because if there’s any doubt, they might not go through with it on the day, or even worse, feel pressured to get something just to make sure the gift doesn’t go to waste.

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Written by Kitty

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